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A SLIGHTLY smaller yard­ing at the CQLX Grace­mere sale last week with 2655 head of­fered, down 100 head on last sale.

The main run of 485 head of bet­ter bred vealer steers sold to a top of 328c to re­turn an av­er­age of 284c/kg.

Sim­i­lar im­prove­ments were also seen in the vealer heifers with sales to 260c and av­er­aged 240c/kg for the best bred lines.

Year­ling steers made to 284c with the ma­jor­ity from 265c to 278c/kg.

Im­prove­ments of 30c plus were com­mon­place in the year­ling heifers which av­er­aged from 220c to 242c and a top of 258c/kg.

Grown steers went to feed at an av­er­age of 253.4c while four score steers to pro­ces­sors av­er­aged 266c and best to 268c/kg.

Grown heifers to the trade sold to 263c with the best av­er­ag­ing 254c/kg.

Four score cows im­proved al­most 20c to av­er­age 217c for the heavy­weights and 205c/kg for medium weight cows.

Heavy bulls av­er­aged 249c/kg. Sev­eral pens of use­ful cows and calves sold from $950 to $1425/unit.


CHAR­TERS Tow­ers agents and ven­dors penned 1705 head, 352 head fewer than last sale.

The few calves penned im­proved in value with the best steer calves sell­ing to 252c/kg.

Year­ling steers sold to 246c to re­turn av­er­ages from 225c to 240c/kg.

Year­ling heifers made to 228c on oc­ca­sions with av­er­ages in the mid 180c/kg range for the bet­ter bred pens.

Grown steers to feed sold to 230c with pro­ces­sors av­er­ag­ing 254c for their best four score steers and pay­ing to a top of 263c/kg.

A few grown heifers to the trade made 220c to 223c/kg for the best.

The four score cows reached a top of 214c for a few grain as­sisted cows with an av­er­age of 196c/kg.

Plainer three score cows im­proved to av­er­age 177c/kg.

Heavy bulls to live ex­port topped at 262c, av­er­ag­ing 257c/kg.

The bet­ter bred pens of cows and calves made from $910 to $1100/unit.


THERE was an­other small yard­ing at Emer­ald last week with 549 penned, an in­crease on last sale of 171 head.

Vealer steers made 283c for the best, with vealer heifers mak­ing 225c/kg.

Year­ling steers made 262c and year­ling heifers, av­er­aged 189c/kg for the best.

Grown steers to feed made to 262c, av­er­ag­ing 252c to 259c/kg.

Four score steers made to a top of 256c and av­er­aged 254c/kg.

Grown heifers went to feed at a top of 234c, while pro­ces­sors paid to 248c, to av­er­age 222c/kg for theirs.

Four score cows im­proved to make 224c for the best, while plain, un­der fin­ished cows av­er­aged 188c, to be al­most 20c/kg up on last sale.

Heavy bulls reached 263c, to av­er­age 242c/kg. One pen of good qual­ity cows and calves sold for $1225/unit.


SUL­LI­VAN Live­stock yarded 1059 cat­tle at their Gympie sale where the mar­ket was dearer for meat­works cat­tle and heavy feed­ers, both steers and heifers.

A bazadaize Bull from Rod­ney Jo­hansen, Boompa topped $2.88 to re­turn $2838.

John and Joan Fal­coner, Widgee sold a char­bray bull for $2.86 ($2461).

St Neots, Cinnabar sold a charo­lais bull for $2.84 ($2614).

Qual­ity young bul­locks from Neville and Lyn­dall Ens­bey, Ber­gins Pocket made $3.02 and $3.01 to re­turn $1829 and $1769.

A show steer from Hamil­ton Rock­e­mer, Brooweena made $3.09 to re­turn $2102.

Brah­man cows from Neville and Lyn­dall Ens­bey made $2.45 ($1557 and $1363).

Drought­mas­ter cows from BH and SO Por­tas, Woolooga made $2.45 ($1655 and $1542).

Only a small amount of heavy feeder steers were yarded and sold to a top of $2.76 for char­bray steers from Ian Gauld, Tee­bar to re­turn ($1144).

Drought­mas­ter steers 10 – 12 months from Ron Gibbs, Widgee sold for $2.85 or $992 and $866.

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from Den­nis and Sue Bil­liau, Scotchy pocket made $2.69 ($784).

Drought­mas­ter steers from John Krafft, Gu­nalda made $2.88 ($710).

Gen­er­ally weaner steers sold from $2.60 to $2.81.

Char­bray heifers from Dion Wil­liams made $2.49 ($685).

SMALLER YARDINGS: Smaller num­bers were recorded in ar­eas around CQ last week, with Emer­ald see­ing an in­crease of 171 head. PHOTO: FILE

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