Vealer steers av­er­age 228c

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CQLX ven­dors penned an in­creased yard­ing of 3026 head, 1182 up on last sale.

Male calves to re­stock­ers eased to top at 246c with mixed sexes av­er­ag­ing 230c/kg.

The best bred vealer steers av­er­aged 242c with sales to 274c, whilst plain lines av­er­aged 228c/kg.

Vealer heifers sold to 238c to av­er­age from 192c to 209c/kg.

Year­ling steers were very mixed with the best av­er­ag­ing from 256c to 260c/kg.

Year­ling heifers were mixed with the bet­ter bred lines sell­ing to 244c re­turn­ing av­er­ages from 205c to 233c/kg.

Four score bul­locks made to 282c to av­er­age 279c/kg.

A few four score grown heifers topped at 250c/kg.

Heavy four score cows made to 246c with an im­proved av­er­age of 238.5c/kg.

Heavy bulls av­er­aged 231c/kg.

A very mixed of­fer­ing of cows and calves saw the bet­ter framed cows with older calves at foot make from $850 to $1025/unit.


THERE was an in­creased yard­ing of 1632 head pre­sented at Emer­ald, up 212 head on last sale.

Steer calves sold to 274c/kg.

Vealer steers made to 289c and av­er­aged 263c/kg.

Vealer heifers sold from 200c to 208c/kg.

Year­ling steers sold to pro­ces­sors to 260c, with feed­ers and re­stock­ers av­er­ag­ing from 242c to 258c/kg.

Year­ling heifers av­er­aged from 227c to 236c for heav­ier pens, while the light weights av­er­aged 195c/kg for mostly plain con­di­tioned lines.

A few grown heifers sold to 245c/kg.

Heavy four score cows av­er­aged 243c, with plain two score cows av­er­ag­ing 195c/kg.

Heavy bulls av­er­aged 244c, with the best lots sell­ing to 247c/kg.

A few plain, light con­di­tioned cows and calves made to $820/unit.


THERE was an in­crease of al­most 900 head, to 2450 cat­tle at Char­ters Tow­ers Com­bined Sell­ing Agents sale last week.

Year­ling steers to re­stock­ers eased 7c, top­ping at 248c to av­er­age 233c, while bet­ter qual­ity medium weight steers to feed were 2c dearer mak­ing 230c/kg.

A small of­fer­ing of vealer heifers and calves sold ac­cord­ing to qual­ity, with one good line of vealer heifers mak­ing 206c, while the in­flu­ence of the sea­son saw very light heifer calves make 176c/kg.

Bet­ter qual­ity medium weight heifers to feed eased 23c, top­ping at 231c to av­er­age 207c, while lighter types av­er­aged 196c/kg.

Ex­tra heavy bul­locks to ex­port slaugh­ter reached 269c to av­er­age 262c, while heavy bul­locks sold to 266c, im­prov­ing 4c to av­er­age 257c/kg.

Four score cows sold to 228c to av­er­age 217c/kg.

A lift in the qual­ity of light cows saw re­stock­ers se­cure cows up to 162c, in­creas­ing 15c and av­er­ag­ing 140c/kg.

Heavy grown heifers with im­proved yield and weight sold to 258c to av­er­age 256c, with one very good line to re­stock­ers mak­ing 246c/kg.

A con­tin­u­a­tion of large num­bers of heavy bulls sold mostly firm for bet­ter qual­ity types, with those above 600kg to feed des­tined for live ex­port mak­ing to 247c, with most re­ceiv­ing above 220c/kg.

Heavy bulls to pro­ces­sors made to 247c to av­er­age 224c/kg.

Light con­di­tioned cows and calves sold up to $840/unit.


MONTO Cat­tle and Coun­try’s fat and store sale saw 320 head yarded.

Feed­lots chased both steers and heifers with heifers ob­tain­ing the most gains of up to 20c/kg for the bet­ter types.

Heavy bulls sold from 245c/kg to 272c/kg top­ping at $2750.

Harry Ball sold 436kg brah­man cows to 235c/kg or $1025 and six tooth heifers to $926 or 239c/kg.

Gor­don Brian’s charo­lais cross cows re­turned $1510 or 236c/kg.

AG and TM Sib­son sold char­bray num­ber seven steers 367kg for 267c/kg or $980.

C and F Lewis sold an­gus cross num­ber seven steers 357kg for 270c/kg or $965 and bel­mont euro cross steers 343kg for 269c/kg.

Dale Brown and fam­ily sold 334kg charo­lais cross num­ber eight grain as­sisted steers for $890 or 266c/kg.

An­thony and Helen Webb sold light drought­mas­ter weaner heifers for 212c/kg or $475.


CAT­TLE SALE: Dale Brown and fam­ily sold 334kg qual­ity charo­lais drought­mas­ter grain as­sisted num­ber eight steers for 266c/kg or $890.

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