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type of slow-re­lease fer­tiliser that re­sults in bet­ter plant health and less wasted nu­tri­ents has been in­vented at Flin­ders Univer­sity by Dr Justin Chalker and his team in the In­sti­tute for NanoS­cale Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy.

The fer­tiliser is re­leased slowly into soils be­cause it is en­cap­su­lated in a re­new­able poly­mer made from canola oil, which is an abun­dant food waste prod­uct.

“We are tak­ing re­cy­cled cooking oil, con­vert­ing it into a fer­tiliser com­po­nent, and us­ing it to grow more food,” ex­plains Dr Chalker.

Dr Chalker and his team have cre­ated a poly­mer from waste canola oil and el­e­men­tal sul­phur (a by-prod­uct from the cre­ation of pe­tro­leum prod­ucts) as an or­ganic coat­ing for the fer­tiliser com­po­nents am­mo­nium sul­phate, cal­cium hy­dro­gen phos­phate and potas­sium chlo­ride.

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