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THERE was a much re­duced yard­ing of 1830 head at CQLX Grace­mere sale, back 655 on last sale.

Steer calves made to 258c with the best bred mixed sexes av­er­ag­ing 240c/kg.

Vealer steers went the way of re­stock­ers to aver­age 254c to 256c, while the main drafts of vealer heifers, also sell­ing to re­stock­ers, av­er­aged 225c to 229c/kg.

Year­ling steers sold to 276c and av­er­aged 274c/kg for the 400kg plus class to feed. The bet­ter bred year­ling heifers also went to feed­ers with sales to 240c and most av­er­ages were from 227c to 234c/kg.

The best of the score two grown steers to feed made 278c to re­turn av­er­ages from 265c through to 275c/kg.

Four score bul­locks av­er­aged 263c, sell­ing to 267c/kg at best. Four score grown heifers topped at 249c with a 247.6c/kg aver­age.

Cows eased, four scores sell­ing to 213c with a 210c/kg aver­age.

Heavy bulls were shared be­tween live ex­port and pro­ces­sor in­ter­ests, sell­ing to a top of 249c and aver­age of 238c/kg.

Good aver­age qual­ity cows and calves sold from $775 to $925/unit.


NUM­BERS in­creased by 386 to 1485 head of mixed qual­ity cat­tle for Char­ters Tow­ers Com­bined Sell­ing Agents.

Heavy cows im­proved 5c to 8c/kg, while plainer lines of bul­locks gen­er­ally eased on last sale.

A small num­ber of good qual­ity vealer steers met strong de­mand, im­prov­ing by 13c to aver­age 254c for lighter types, with young steer calves reach­ing 250c/kg.

Bet­ter qual­ity suit­ably weaned heifers sold to 208c to aver­age 205c/kg.

A very good line of year­ling heifers to live ex­port sold to 230c to aver­age 228c, while heavy feeder heifers to live ex­port made 228c/kg.

Bul­locks were fewer in num­ber and gen­er­ally plainer, with vari­able qual­ity through­out.

Heav­ier types eased ac­cord­ingly reach­ing 265c for D-mus­cled bul­locks go­ing to pro­ces­sors, with a small num­ber go­ing to live ex­port for 237c/kg.

Cow num­bers in­creased by more than 200 head, with larger num­bers of plainer two scores on of­fer, in­creas­ing by up to 14c/kg. Heavy three score cows sold to 224c to aver­age 211c, while four scores made to 229c/kg. Heavy two score C mus­cled cows im­proved 5c to aver­age 194c, top­ping at 210c/kg.

Feeder weight bulls to back­grounders sold to 228c, while young males to back­grounders made to 260c to aver­age 256c/kg.

Good qual­ity small lines of cows and calves sold to $800/unit.


THERE was an in­crease of 190 head to 1240 head at Emer­ald.

Steer calves to re­stock­ers made to a top of 279c with vealer steers av­er­ag­ing 261c/kg. Vealer heifers av­er­aged 226c for bet­ter bred pens to re­stock­ers, while plain types av­er­aged 188c/kg and mostly went to feed­ers. Year­ling steers topped at 270c to aver­age from 253c to 266c/kg for the best pens to re­stock­ers. Year­ling heifers to feed­ers sold to 234c, mostly re­turn­ing av­er­ages from 203c to 212c/kg.

Four score bul­locks made to 278c, av­er­ag­ing 274c/kg. Prime four score heifers to the trade topped at 253c with prime cows mak­ing 220c/kg for the best of a low-qual­ity of­fer­ing. Heavy bulls av­er­aged 219c and sold to top of 230c/kg.


BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale saw a yard­ing of 919 head.

Bul­locks over 600kg sold to 287c, eas­ing 3c on last sale. Trade bul­locks 500kg-600kg sold to 291c, back 3c and cows over 500kg sold to 252c, back 6c. Cows 400 to 500kg sold to 235c, back 10c. Feeder steers 400kg to 500kg sold to a top of 288c, up 8c, while steers 300kg to 400kg sold to 283c, up 6c. Steers 200kg to 300kg sold to 279c, down 6c on last fort­night. Heifers 300kg to 400kg sold for 244c, back 18c, and heifers 200kg to 300kg sold to 240c, down 14c.

Four tooth santa cross bul­locks from Wan­doan sold for 287c/$1768. Four tooth bran­gus bul­locks from Mur­gon sold for 275c/$1713. Drought­mas­ter bul­locks from Gin Gin sold for 260c/$1886. Two and four tooth santa cross bul­locks from Wan­doan sold for 291c/$1732.

Charo­lais cows from Theodore sold for 252c/$1880. Drought­mas­ter cows sold for 247c/$1517. Drought­mas­ter cross cows sold for 236c/$1319.


BIGGENDEN: Bur­nett Live­stock and Realty’s Lance Whi­taker with a pen of char­bray milk and two-tooth steers on ac­count of HC Pro­fes­sional, Bund­aberg.

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