LIVE­STOCK: The lat­est re­sults from Cen­tral Queens­land yard­ings

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CQLX Gracemere agents of­fered a re­duced num­ber of 1550 head, 550 head down on last sale.

Male calves to re­stock­ers sold to a top of 333c to av­er­age 296c/kg.

Vealer steers made from 278c to 284c, top­ping at 306c/kg.

Vealer heifers av­er­aged 249c to sell to 278c/kg.

The medium and heavy year­ling steers reached 314c to re­turn av­er­ages from 305c to 313c/kg.

Year­ling heifers sold to 280c with the best av­er­ages for heavy year­ling heifers of be­tween 265c and 272c/kg.

There were in­suf­fi­cient grown steers on of­fer to give re­li­able quotes.

Pro­ces­sors pur­chased the ma­jor­ity of the grown heifers to a top of 255c to av­er­age 246c/kg.

Four score cows made to 252c and av­er­aged 243c/kg.

Heavy bulls rose with live ex­port in­ter­est to av­er­age 265c/kg.

A small of­fer­ing of cows and calves sold, with the best bred pens mak­ing to $1,425/unit.


NUM­BERS eased by 45 head to 865 cat­tle for Char­ters Tow­ers Com­bined Sell­ing Agents with all cat­e­gories in high de­mand.

Vealer steers mainly com­prised one very good qual­ity suit­ably weaned line reach­ing 296c/kg.

Light year­ling steers re­turn­ing to grass sold to 282c, with medium weight steers mak­ing to 274c to av­er­age close to 266c/kg.

Light year­ling steers to live ex­port sold to 280c to av­er­age 272c, with feeder steers above 330kg top­ping at 298c to av­er­age 282c/kg.

Some very good qual­ity year­ling steers to process sold for 290c/kg.

A very good line of suit­ably weaned vealer heifers re­turn­ing to grass at­tracted strong de­mand and sold ac­cord­ingly, reach­ing 272c to av­er­age 257c/kg.

Re­stock­ers were ac­tive on all weight cat­e­gories, with vealer heifers above 280kg top­ping at 234c, while year­ling heifers of sim­i­lar weight made to 222c to av­er­age 189c/kg.

Heav­ier heifers re­turn­ing to grass sold to 230c/kg.

A mixed qual­ity of­fer­ing of grown bul­locks lacked the fin­ish of re­cent months, with con­sid­er­able vari­a­tion in qual­ity and weight.

A sin­gle heavy bul­lock sold to 306c, while younger medium weight types sold to 303c/kg.

Good qual­ity medium weight two score bul­locks sold to 295c, lift­ing 17c to av­er­age 274c/kg.

Medium weight bul­locks to live ex­port sold to 283c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter made to 298c, with live ex­porters very ac­tive on heavy feeder weights to 286c to av­er­age 277c/kg.

Steers to back­ground feed des­tined for live ex­port made to 290c/kg.

The bet­ter draft of heavy cows lacked the weight of re­cent weeks, with heavy three score cows to process eas­ing 4c to av­er­age 232c, with a top of to 246c, while heavy four score cows lifted 15c, to top at 254c/kg.

Heavy two score cows eased 9c to av­er­age near 205c/kg.

Medium weight two score cows to pro­ces­sors sold to 195c to av­er­age 176c and light one score cows made to 190c to av­er­age 185c/kg.

Light cows to re­stock­ers sold to 168c to av­er­age 161c/kg.

Heavy grown heifers lifted 18c to av­er­age 278c, reach­ing a top of 288c, while plainer grown heifers to feed made to 226c/kg.

Heavy bulls to process lifted to 292c to av­er­age 286c, while heavy bulls suit­able for live ex­port made to 268c/kg.

Sim­i­lar bulls to feed des­tined for live ex­port sold to 287c and medium weight bulls made to 298c/kg.

Young males above 300kg to feed des­tined for live ex­port reached 292c to av­er­age 258c, while lighter types re­turn­ing to grass

sold to 270c/kg.

Light con­di­tioned cows and calves sold for $780/unit.


AL­MOST 500 head less were pre­sented at Emer­ald sale, with a yard­ing of 1400 head.

Vealer steers av­er­aged from 283c to 293c due to qual­ity and sold to a top of 306c/kg.

The big­gest runs of vealer heifers to re­stock­ers av­er­aged from 268c to 273c/kg.

Year­ling steers sold to top at 309c, with the bet­ter bred steers av­er­ag­ing from 300c to 304c/kg.

The top priced year­ling heifers sold for 285c, gen­er­ally av­er­ag­ing from 260c to 281c/kg.

Four score bul­locks sold to a top of 316c to av­er­age 305c/kg.

Grown heifers were lightly supplied mak­ing to 281c, with most av­er­ag­ing 243c/kg. Four score heavy cows av­er­aged 249c and the small num­ber of bulls av­er­aged 230c/kg.

A pen of use­ful qual­ity cows and calves made $1260/unit.


BUR­NETT Live­stock and Realty’s meat­works and store sale at Biggenden saw a yard­ing of 1625 head.

Brah­man cross bul­locks from Maryborough sold for 292c/$1585. Cross­bred bul­locks from Coal­stoun Lakes sold for 281c/$1321. Char­bray bul­locks from Biggenden sold for 290c/$1465.

Char­bray cows from Biggenden sold for 265c/$1551. Char­bray cows from Gayn­dah sold for 265c/$1604. Santa gertrudis cross cows from Mur­gon sold for 261c/$1387. Char­bray cows from Biggenden sold for 251c/$1155. Brah­man cross cows from Monto sold for 249c/$1171. Brah­man cows from Theodore sold for 258c/$1639. Brah­man cross cows from Her­vey Bay sold for 261c/$1337.

Four tooth drought­mas­ter heifers from Mun­dub­bera sold for 277c/$1205. Two tooth brah­man heifers from Childers sold for 285c/$1140. Six tooth char­bray heifers from Gin Gin sold for 274c/$1371. Brah­man heifers from Theodore with two to six teeth sold for 281c/$1401.

Milk and two tooth drought­mas­ter steers from Her­vey Bay sold for 310c/$1336. Drought­mas­ter two tooth steers from Maryborough sold for 300c/$1342.

Milk and two tooth steers from Coal­stoun lakes sold for 296c/$1229. Milk and two tooth char­bray steers from Ban Ban Springs sold for 294c/$1062.

Milk tooth Bran­gus steers from Her­vey Bay sold for 298c/$1267. Milk tooth brah­man steers from Yaamba sold for 290c/$1080. Milk tooth drought­mas­ter steers from Bund­aberg sold for 308c/$1114.

Milk tooth sim­men­tal cross steers from Theodore sold for 323c/$977. Char­bray milk tooth steers from Crown­thorpe sold for 303c/$1070.

Santa gertrudis weaner steers from Mount Perry sold for 329c/$871. Sim­brah weaner steers from Mur­gon sold for 327c/$633.

Sim­men­tal cross weaner steers from Gin Gin sold for 290c/$596.

An­gus cross weaner steers from Pros­ton sold for 327c/$759. Bran­gus weaner steers from Wallav­ille sold for 319c/$788. Bran­gus weaner steers from Banana sold for 327c/$768. Drought­mas­ter weaner steers from Gayn­dah sold for 309c/$649.

RAIN IM­PACT: Falls in the CQ re­gion caused yard­ings to fall in some ar­eas, with Gracemere see­ing 550 head less. Good prices were still seen at sales around the area. PHOTO: FILE

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