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THE yard­ing of 1840 head at the CQLX sale was down 780 head on last sale and was one of the plainest qual­ity and light­est con­di­tioned yard­ings seen for some time.

Cat­tle came from the lo­cal draw ar­eas, along with sev­eral lines from as far north as Collinsville and Ayr.

A rea­son­able buy­ing panel assem­bled, with live ex­port buy­ers keen to pur­chase mostly bulls and steers.

Over­all, val­ues de­clined in line with the qual­ity of stock on of­fer.

Mixed sex calves to re­stock­ers av­er­aged 218c, with the male por­tion sell­ing to a top of 258c/kg.

Light num­bers of vealer steers av­er­aged from 258–261c/kg.

Vealer heifers were also light in num­ber, sell­ing to av­er­age from 192–220c/kg.

The best bred heavy year­ling steers to the trade made to 310c, with av­er­ages from 270–280c/kg be­ing the or­der of the day.

Year­ling heifers sold to a top of 270c for well-bred heavy pens to re­turn av­er­ages from 220–240c/kg gen­er­ally.

There were no four score bul­locks or steers pre­sented and score three steers sold to a top price of 309c/kg.

Av­er­ages were from 268–276c/kg.

Feed­ers paid to 268c for grown heifers, with av­er­ages from 226–240c/kg.

Prime, heavy four score cows topped at 238c to av­er­age 235c, with light con­di­tioned, two score cows mak­ing to 207c/kg.

Heavy bulls reached 292c to av­er­age 278c/kg.

Sev­eral small pens of cows and calves made from $1000 to $1550/unit.


NUM­BERS in­creased by 148 head to 1788 cat­tle for Char­ters Tow­ers Com­bined Sell­ing Agents, com­prised of some well-fin­ished lines of cows and a large con­sign­ment of young north­ern steers and heifers.

All pro­ces­sors were op­er­at­ing at firm to stronger rates on last sale, along with two live ex­porters, while back­grounders and re­stock­ers were ac­tive on many store lines.

Cat­tle were drawn from Mt Isa, Rich­mond, Mt Sur­prise, Green­vale, Ma­landa, Ing­ham, Ravenswood, lo­cal and coastal ar­eas.

Sev­eral small lines of vealer steers sold up to 11c eas­ier on last sale, top­ping at 272c to av­er­age 267c, with heav­ier types av­er­ag­ing near 272c/kg.

There were in­suf­fi­cient year­ling steers to re­li­ably quote.

An in­creased num­ber of vealer heifers sold firm, with suit­ably weaned heifers re­turn­ing to grass sell­ing to 226c to av­er­age 223c, while heav­ier types to feed av­er­aged 219c/kg.

Year­ling heifers to live ex­port sold to 244c, with some PTIC heifers re­turn­ing to grass to 226c/kg.

A mixed of­fer­ing of bul­locks sold firm on last sale, top­ping at 300c for heavy ex­port types, and plainer two scores sold to 295c to av­er­age close to 282c/kg.

Suit­able bul­locks to live ex­port sold to 265c, eas­ing 14c to av­er­age 226c/kg.

Grown steers to slaugh­ter in­creased 6c to 13c, sell­ing to 299c for heav­i­est types and 295c for medium weights to av­er­age 293c/kg.

Grown steers to live ex­port sold to 290c to av­er­age 271c/kg.

A good sup­ply of prime cows met strong de­mand through­out, how­ever heavy three score cows eased 4c to av­er­age 221, with D mus­cled cows im­prov­ing 12c to av­er­age 216c/kg.

An im­proved sup­ply of bet­ter qual­ity medium two score cows lifted more than 15c, sell­ing to 202c to av­er­age 191c/kg. Light con­di­tioned cows to feed sold from 157c to 178c/kg.

Grown heifers lifted 5c for bet­ter qual­ity types, top­ping at 249c/kg.

A good sup­ply of heavy bulls lifted 5c, mostly sell­ing from 278–292c, with a large sam­ple av­er­ag­ing 280c, with medium weights to feed des­tined for live ex­port sell­ing from 250–280c/kg.

Young males to re­stock­ers topped at 290c, to av­er­age 281c/kg.


VEN­DORS penned 2136 head at Emer­ald – a smaller yard­ing by 304 head than last week with some scat­tered show­ers in the re­gion keep­ing some stock away and help­ing to im­prove prices for oth­ers.

Cat­tle were drawn from the lo­cal ar­eas, along with a plain con­di­tioned draft of well-bred spayed heifers and light con­di­tioned cows from the Jeri­cho district.

The usual buy­ing panel was present and com­pe­ti­tion was strong for the bet­ter bred lines on of­fer.

Most of the vari­a­tion in prices from last week’s sale were qual­ity re­lated.

Light vealer steers sold to re­stock­ers to top at 294c and av­er­aged 278c/kg.

Vealer heifers reached 260c, av­er­ag­ing from 236–253c/kg.

The best of the heavy year­ling steers sold to 307c, av­er­ag­ing from 290–301c, with the light de­scrip­tions eas­ier, av­er­ag­ing from 273–286c/kg.

The run of light con­di­tioned year­ling heifers av­er­aged 264c, while heav­ier, bet­ter con­di­tioned runs re­turned av­er­ages from 260c for re­stock­ers, to 274c/kg for the best of those to pro­ces­sors.

The few four score bul­locks on of­fer topped at 303c, av­er­ag­ing 301c/kg.

Grain as­sisted, four score grown heifers made to 295c, with those to feed av­er­ag­ing 262c/kg.

Heavy four score cows av­er­aged 242c, with the best


A MIXED qual­ity yard­ing of 2037 cat­tle at Sul­li­van Live­stock Gympie Sale saw the mar­ket for qual­ity re­main very firm while plainer types were slightly cheaper.

Cat­tle were drawn from Gin Gin, Bund­aberg, Mary­bor­ough, Ara­mara, Tansey, Bau­ple, Kilki­van, Woolooga, Maleny, Ke­nil­worth, Eu­mundi and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Heavy feed­ers sold well. Char­bray steers from the John­son Fam­ily, Mary­bor­ough, made $3.10 ($1329).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Amanda Chris­tensen, Her­vey Bay, made $3.07 ($1451).

Bran­gus steers from Mike Hoare, Widgee, made $3.01 ($1495 and$1443).

Bran­gus steers from Alf Walker, Ber­gins Pocket, made $3.11 ($1462).

Bran­gus steers from Bates Man­age­ment, Goom­boo­rian, made $3.11 ($1462).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Gra­ham Thomp­son, Wolvi, made $3.05 to re­turn $1238 and $1163.

Blonde cross steers from M and L Pratt, Gympie, made $3.14 to re­turn $1381.

Drought­mas­ter steers from Tarangau Sta­tion, Coon­doo, made $3.10 for $1367 and $1344.

Sim­men­tal cross steers from RW Ru­ral made $3.08 ($1006).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Tansey made $3.35 ($1006).

Bran­gus steers from Gra­ham and Kerry Scott, Coon­doo, made $3.03 ($861).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Tony Erik­son, Lang­shaw, made $3.13 ($636).

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from K and B Lacey, Lower Wonga, made $2.99 ($831).

Char­bray steers from Dion Wil­liams, Brooweena, made $3.17 ($799).

Drought­mas­ter steers from Greg Walsh, Amamoor, made $3.27 ($752).

Char­bray steers from Van­lach Pty Ltd, Gu­nalda, made $3.01 ($729).

Lines of qual­ity weaner heifers sold from $2.90–$3.27, with the next run sell­ing from $2.60–$2.88.

Qual­ity an­gus cross heifers 10–12 months from Jan Rawl­ings, Kin Kin, sold for $2.97 ($980).

Feeder heifers were lim­ited in sup­ply and qual­ity, sell­ing from $2.45–$2.72 gen­er­ally.

An­gus cross heifers 12 months from An­gus McLean, Kilki­van made $2.71 ($747).

Their cross bred sis­ters made $2.69 ($767).

Drought­mas­ter heifers from Den­nis and Sue Bil­liau, Scotchy Pocket, made $2.63 ($830) and $2.53 ($690, $641 and $628).

Charo­lais cross heifers from Tres­savale Pas­toral made $2.56 ($600 and $662).

Drought­mas­ter heifers from Alan Heath, Mary­bor­ough, made $2.51 ($665).

Good con­di­tioned vealer heifers sold gen­er­ally from $2.25–$2.52.

Re­stock heifers sold from $2.10–$2.38.

Plainer types gen­er­ally sold from $1.80–$2.12.

Cows and calves topped at $1450 for bran­gus cows and calves from Richard and Dianne Pen­der, Hid­den Val­ley, Tansey. Oth­er­wise most sold from $800–$1250.


CAT­TLE num­bers rose by 1509 head to 7969 at the Roma Store Sale. Cat­tle were mostly drawn from the lo­cal sup­ply area with some lines from West­ern Queens­land, NSW and also South Aus­tralia.

The usual panel of buy­ers was present and op­er­at­ing.

Heav­ier year­ling steers were present in greater num­bers this week and the yard­ing was dom­i­nated by steers and heifers.

Qual­ity was again mixed, how­ever de­mand for the bet­ter qual­ity lines of cat­tle re­mained strong.

Light weight year­ling steers 200–280kg to re­stock­ers fell by 5c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling steers to do­mes­tic feed fell by 3c and medium weight year­ling steers to ex­port feed also fell by 5c/kg.

Heavy weight year­ling steers to feed fell by 10–20c/kg.

Light weight year­ling heifers to re­stock­ers rose by 3c, how­ever a large sam­ple of year­ling heifers 200–280kg to re­stock­ers fell by 5c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed saw no change.

Medium weight two score cows rose by 3c, but the medium weight three score cows fell by 1c/kg.

A fair sam­ple of year­ling steers 200–280kg to re­stock­ers sold to 318.2c to av­er­age 311c/kg.

A good sam­ple of medium weight year­ling steers to do­mes­tic feed sold to 316.2c to av­er­age 308c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling steers to ex­port feed made to 318.2c to av­er­age 308c/kg.

A small sam­ple of heavy weight year­ling steers to feed sold to 320c to av­er­age 316c/kg.

A large sam­ple of year­ling heifers 200–280kg sold to 272.2c to av­er­age 259c/kg.

A fair sam­ple of medium weight year­ling heifers to feed sold to 282.2c to av­er­age 282c/kg.

Heavy weight year­ling heifers to slaugh­ter sold to 278.2c to av­er­age 269c/kg.

Medium weight grown steers sold to 298.2c to av­er­age 295c, while heavy weight grown steers made to 314.2c to av­er­age 313c/kg.

Grown heifers sold to 277.2c to av­er­age 265c/kg.

Medium weight two score cows sold to 229.2c to av­er­age 219c, while the three score medium weight cows made to 255.2c to av­er­age 239c/kg.

Heavy weight cows made to 256.2c to av­er­age 243c/kg.

The best of the light weight bulls made to 300.2c to av­er­age 300c/kg.


DALBY agents penned 7528 head, in­clud­ing 1127 from Far West­ern Queens­land.

This is an in­crease of 3560 head on last week.

There was a full field of buy­ers in at­ten­dance and com­pe­ti­tion was good, with val­ues for feed­ers vary­ing de­pend­ing on qual­ity, while cows were a lit­tle eas­ier on last sale’s prices.

Heavy feeder steers sold to 316c to av­er­age 302c/kg. Year­ling heifers to feed sold to 270c, with a few to the trade mak­ing 280c/kg.

Four score grown steers sold to 315c to av­er­age 302c, with bul­locks mak­ing to 296c/kg. Heavy four score cows av­er­aged 250c, while heavy bulls sold to 260c to av­er­age 247c/kg.

CAT­TLE MAR­KET: CQLX saw the plainest qual­ity and light­est con­di­tioned yard­ings seen for some time, with 1840 head yarded at their re­cent sale. PHOTO: GE­ORDI OFFORDsell­ing to 250c/kg.Heavy bulls av­er­aged 266c to live ex­port and 241c/kg to pro­ces­sors.One pen of large framed cows with 80 per cent calves at foot and the bal­ance close to calv­ing made $1160/head.

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