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How to make the best ham

Central Queensland News - - 2017 CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE -

WHAT’S Christ­mas with­out a juicy and flavour­some Australian ham on the ta­ble?

Nearly 80 per cent of ham and ba­con sold in Aus­tralia is made from im­ported pork so, to be sure you’re buy­ing Australian ham and ba­con, look for the dis­tinc­tive Australian Pork logo or buy a bone-in ham (only bone­less prod­uct can be im­ported) this Christ­mas.

Glaz­ing your ham:

Pre­pare your favourite glaz­erecipe.

Visit www.pork.com.au for some ideas.

Re­move rind and use a sharp knife to score ham in a di­a­mond pat­tern, then place ham scored side up in a large bak­ing pan and brush over glaze.

Put in a pre-heated oven or hooded bar­be­cue at 180°C for 20 min­utes per kg, bast­ing oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til ham is brown and warmed through.

Cut­ting a whole cold leg ham:

1. Place ham skin side up, then run a small, sharp knife un­der the rind around the bot­tom (op­po­site end to hock) and each side of the ham to about half­way up. Peel the rind back.

2. Run the tip of the knife around the bone on the un­der­side of the ham. Be­gin to slice on a slight an­gle down to the bone.

3. Run your knife length­ways along the bone to re­move slices. Con­tinue to slice to­wards the hock.

4. Con­tinue slic­ing down to the bone, work­ing your way around the ham. When you’ve reached about a third of the way up, you can re­move the bone by mak­ing a few short cuts at the joint.

Stor­ing your ham:

To keep your ham fresh, fold rind back over ex­posed sur­face.

Pre­pare a ham bag, cot­ton pil­low­case or tea towel by soak­ing it in 4 cups of wa­ter and 2 ta­ble­spoons of vine­gar and then wring­ing it out.

Place the ham in the bag or pil­low­case or cover it with the tea towel and store in coolest part of fridge.

Re­soak the cloth in so­lu­tion ev­ery few days or when it dries out.


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