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THE new year is fast ap­proach­ing, so there is no bet­ter time than now to get your health on track.

With an in­creas­ing range of ex­tended ser­vices from health screen­ing and checks to life­style coach­ing and pre­ven­ta­tive health and well­ness, Emer­ald Plaza Phar­macy is fast be­com­ing a com­mu­nity health hub that prides it­self on of­fer­ing holis­tic and col­lab­o­ra­tive health care.

Lo­cal phar­ma­cist and phar­macy owner Jess Bur­rey and man­ag­ing phar­ma­cist Peggy Zhu have re­cently wel­comed in­tern phar­ma­cist Leon Dao to their highly trained team.

“Ed­u­ca­tion of not only our team but our com­mu­nity is a core phi­los­o­phy of our busi­ness,” Mrs Bur­rey said.

“The in­clu­sion of an in­tern phar­ma­cist will en­able us to in­crease our con­tri­bu­tion to the im­prove­ment of our pa­tients and our com­mu­ni­ties health.”

■ Emer­ald Plaza Phar­macy re­cently in­tro­duced a screen­ing ser­vice to iden­tify pa­tients at risk of Chronic Ob­struc­tive Pul­monary Dis­ease (COPD), a pro­gres­sive lung dis­ease char­ac­terised by air­flow lim­i­ta­tion that is not fully re­versible.

One in seven Aus­tralians over the age of 40 have COPD and around half of the peo­ple liv­ing with symp­toms do not know they have the con­di­tion.

Symp­toms for COPD in­clude short­ness of breath, a repet­i­tive cough and pro­duc­tion of phlegm or mu­cus.

They tend to come on grad­u­ally over a cou­ple of years and some­times can be mis­taken as signs of age­ing, lack of fit­ness or asthma.

Main causes in­clude to­bacco smok­ing, pas­sive smok­ing and ex­po­sure to pol­lu­tants (dust, gas or fumes).

A con­sul­ta­tion with a spe­cial­ist phar­ma­cist and screen­ing test costs just $15 at Emer­ald Plaza Phar­macy.

■ The team are also of­fer­ing full range care for sleep ap­noea, a con­di­tion which ef­fects five per cent of the pop­u­la­tion.

Ob­struc­tive sleep ap­noea oc­curs when the walls of the throat come to­gether dur­ing sleep, block­ing off the air­way above the voice box.

Peo­ple with sleep ap­noea have frag­mented sleep, lead­ing to ex­ces­sive day­time sleepi­ness, poor day­time con­cen­tra­tion and work per­for­mance, and fa­tigue, ir­ri­tabil­ity and mood changes, im­po­tence and re­duced sex drive.

Around one in four men over the age of 30 years are af­fected and 80 per cent of these are un-di­ag­nosed.

Obe­sity is one of the most com­mon causes of sleep ap­noea, with other con­tribut­ing fac­tors in­clude al­co­hol, ill­nesses such as re­duced thy­roid pro­duc­tion or the pres­ence of a very large goitre, large ton­sils, med­i­ca­tions such as sleep tablets and seda­tives, nasal con­ges­tion and ob­struc­tion, fa­cial bone shape and the size of mus­cles (such as an un­der­shot jaw).

Treat­ment for sleep ap­noea re­lies on changes to life­style, in­clud­ing los­ing weight and cut­ting down on al­co­hol.

Sleep ap­noea di­ag­no­sis is avail­able for $30 with an ap­pro­pri­ate re­fer­ral from your GP.


NEW SER­VICE: Man­ag­ing phar­ma­cist Peggy Zhu ex­plain­ing the screen­ing ser­vice to iden­tify pa­tients at risk of Chronic Ob­struc­tive Pul­monary Dis­ease. Emer­ald Plaza Phar­macy man­ag­ing phar­ma­cist Peggy Zhu, in­tern phar­ma­cist Leon Dao and phar­macy owner Jess Bur­rey.

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