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If I had pots of money, I know ex­actly what I would do. As­sum­ing my home had all the re­quired com­forts and con­ve­niences, my money would be spent on art. A lot of peo­ple think that art is the last lux­ury, or low­est pri­or­ity. But in re­al­ity, it is art that lasts; it is art that brings true joy and mean­ing to our lives. Art, as the say­ing goes, washes away the dust of ev­ery­day life.

I’m es­pe­cially lucky to know many artists. I could say with­out much ex­ag­ger­a­tion that half my friends are artists of one va­ri­ety or an­other – painters, sculp­tors and pot­ters. The only joy greater than buy­ing a piece of art is buy­ing art from some­one you love and some­one you want to sup­port in their hard choice to be an artist.

Ev­ery­one knows the in­her­ent poverty of choos­ing to make a liv­ing from art, es­pe­cially in the ‘emerg­ing’ phase. I’m not sug­gest­ing buy­ing any piece of art from some­one just be­cause you care about him or her, but if you truly love some­thing an artist you are ac­quainted with has pro­duced, if you can, my strong sug­ges­tion is to pur­chase it.

If my home was to go up in flames I know ex­actly what I would grab – and that would be my favourite, pre­cious, ir­re­place­able orig­i­nal paint­ings. They will be with me un­til the end and will prob­a­bly hap­pily adorn the walls of my aged care room fa­cil­ity.

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