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QUT re­searchers have found a na­tive Aus­tralian plant can kill all four strains of the dengue virus. Dr Trudi Col­let said it was the same plant that her re­search team last year re­vealed con­tained com­pounds that could kill the Zika virus.

“Zika and dengue both be­long to the same virus fam­ily – Fla­viviri­dae – so we had high hopes that species 8473 would be ef­fec­tive against dengue too,” Dr Col­let said.

“We now have an Aus­tralian na­tive plant that not only af­fects Zika, but also kills all four strains of dengue with no cy­to­toxic ef­fects.”

There is cur­rently no ded­i­cated treat­ment for dengue fever. Dr Col­let said she planned to pub­lish the re­search and make the plant name pub­lic af­ter the com­pounds had been iden­ti­fied and pro­vi­sional patents ob­tained.

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