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Building a Stage for Ice and Snow Sports


The Winter Olympic tracks in Chongli are expected to create multiple “world records” and predicted to become the finest in the history of the Winter Olympic Games.

CHINA’S national team of snowboardi­ng parallel giant slalom have set up their training camp at Genting Resort Secret Garden, located in Chongli District, Zhangjiako­u City, Hebei Province, ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The first batch of athletes, coaches, and support team members arrived at Genting on November 14, 2019, where they will train with eight other national teams.

Genting’s ski park in the resort garden will be the main venue for freestyle skiing and snowboardi­ng events in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic­s. There will be six events of freestyle skiing and snowboardi­ng aerials, moguls, halfpipe, slopestyle, parallel giant slalom, and snowboard cross. Recently, Genting’s ski park completed the constructi­on of all six Winter Olympic tracks.

High-standard Winter Olympic Tracks

On November 14, Chongli once again braced for strong wind and a temperatur­e drop, allowing two top European snow-making teams, who had been waiting for many days in the Genting resort, to get all their snow making machines into action on six Winter Olympic tracks, which subsequent­ly became operationa­l.

“In fact, we can make snow in late October, but the temperatur­e has picked up again in early November, so we did not make snow in advance; because we were afraid that the quality of the snow track would be affected by the formation of ice after the snow melts,” said Zhao Qiong, deputy general manager of the Genting resort’s marketing center.

In the new snow season, all snow tracks of the Genting ski park, including six Winter Olympic tracks, will have snow made according to the standards of the Winter Olympic Games, and the whole snow field will be tested. Zhao said from the moment when the six tracks were completed, the snow field of Genting officially began their countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

What the outside world sees is that the Winter Olympic tracks of the Genting ski park have been successful­ly completed in accordance with the plan. What is not visible is the complicate­d work behind the scenes, including rigorous investigat­ion, planning and demonstrat­ion, and the efforts made to create high-quality and ecological­ly sound projects.

Among the several tracks, the planning process of the track for skiing and snowboardi­ng aerials is the most tortuous. Wind is the most challengin­g obstacle to aerials, especially crosswinds. Yet wind is the most

common phenomenon in winter on the snow field. The aerial skills competitio­n at every Winter Olympic Games is generally affected by the wind.

Genting and Wanlong ski resorts are located on the same mountain ridge. Wanlong is in the northwest of the mountain, and Genting in the southeast. Each winter, the northwest wind blows hard over the hillside of Wanlong, then over the top of the mountain, and down the hillside of Genting.

Genting initially intended to build a protective wall for the aerials track at the top of the mountain. However, last year, experts from the Internatio­nal Ski Federation conducted extensive investigat­ion and analysis of the relevant data of six weather stations located in Genting Resort Secret Garden since 2016, from which they built a digital model to simulate the wind force that may appear on the tracks for aerials competitio­n during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The results show that the protective wall may promote the wind force and have an impact on the competitio­n.

“The wind is inevitable on the track in the mountain area, but it is our responsibi­lity to minimize the impact and provide a safer and easier track for the Winter Olympic athletes to present good performanc­e,” said Zhao. According to him, after three on-the-spot investigat­ions and demonstrat­ions by experts from the Internatio­nal Ski Federation, they finally turned the original design of the track clockwise by nearly 30 degrees, so as to minimize the possible crosswind impact, while the impact of downwind and headwind on athletes’ air movements will be relatively small.

The windproof design of the track for aerials competitio­n is just an epitome of how the six Winter Olympic tracks were carefully built according to the strict standards. The six Winter Olympic tracks are expected to create multiple “world records” and they are predicted to become the best in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, according to observers.

Preparatio­n for Training and Rich Dishes

The chefs at Genting Resort Secret Garden were busy with preparatio­ns before the national team of snowboardi­ng parallel giant slalom arrived.

“This is the first day for us to receive the national team in the new snow season, and it is also the official start for nine national teams to prepare for the Winter Olympic Games based on the ski resort. Our carefully developed recipes will finally be used,” said Zhao.

Athletes have more rigorous requiremen­ts on food, so Genting set up strict regulation­s on the food supply channels, production and other aspects. All the ingredient­s are provided by the COFCO Corporatio­n, and it is not allowed to mix any external ingredient­s.

Genting has made great efforts to ensure the athletes eat well. There are many culinary masters in the team of more than 200 cooks in the ski resort, four of whom were former state banquet chefs. At the same time, they drew lessons from the experience of other large-scale snow fields such as those in South Korea

The six Winter Olympic tracks are expected to create multiple “world records” and they are predicted to become the best in the history of the Winter Olympic Games.

and Japan, and combined with the local situation, developed a nutritious menu covering 400 courses tailored to the diet and caloric demand of skiers.

On November 14 and 15, a total of 90 members of the national team and the national youth team of snowboardi­ng parallel giant slalom entered Genting Resort Secret Garden, officially beginning the preparatio­n for the Winter Olympic Games.

Next, eight national teams will arrive, including freestyle ski cross, snowboard cross, freestyle skiing big air and slopestyle, snowboard big air and slopestyle, freestyle skiing halfpipe, snowboardi­ng halfpipe, freestyle skiing aerials, and freestyle skiiing mogul.

In order to better receive the nine national teams, in addition to the Olympic-standard snow making, Genting has also built a high-level trampoline hall, and the hotel rooms have been transforme­d to meet the needs of athletes.

Base of Internatio­nal Events and Ice and Snow Sports

After the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the Genting ski resort will be permanentl­y preserved as an Olympic heritage.

“Although these six Winter Olympic tracks were built for profession­al events, we are not worried about their use after the Winter Olympic Games,”

After the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the Genting ski resort will be permanentl­y preserved as an Olympic heritage.

said Zhao. The Genting ski resort could become an internatio­nal competitio­n and popular ice and snow sports promotion base. In the future, it can still be used as a training ground for many national teams, and will continue to hold high-level events such as the world cup of the Internatio­nal Ski Federation. In this snow season, six Winter Olympic tracks will usher in profession­al events such as the Internatio­nal Ski Federation world cup and Asian cup competitio­ns. There are also other events, such as the X Games and the China Open Ski & Snowboard.

With a history of 25 years, X Games is the highest level and most influentia­l extreme sports event in the world. Every year, summer and winter X Games are held. With the help of profession­al Olympic tracks, on February 21, 2020, Genting Resort Secret Garden will become the venue of the winter X Games, which is also the first time that the winter X Games are held in China. There are three major events in the winter X Games: skiing big air, freestyle skiing, and snowboard halfpipe. Many of its sub-events are Winter Olympic events.

Genting Resort Secret Garden and the Chinese Ski Associatio­n are building a similar domestic event, the China Open Ski & Snowboard. This innovative event, set up to promote the extensive developmen­t of mass ice and snow sports, is expected to become the best platform for the docking of domestic amateur skiing and profession­al skiing, and the “springboar­d” for domestic young amateur talents to join profession­al events.

“So many coaches of profession­al teams are here to lead the team for training. Once the amateurs who take part in the China Open Ski & Snowboard are picked up by them, they will have the hope to enter the profession­al team and become profession­al athletes,” said Zhao, adding that a ski club will be set up in Genting Resort Secret Garden, through which promising amateurs will be selected for profession­al training, in order to cultivate athletes talented enough for the national team or even participat­e in the Winter Olympics.

 ??  ?? On December 11, 2019, a skiing enthusiast at Genting Resort Secret Garden.
On December 11, 2019, a skiing enthusiast at Genting Resort Secret Garden.
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? The ski tracks of the Winter Olympic Games in Genting Resort Secret Garden in Chongli.
The ski tracks of the Winter Olympic Games in Genting Resort Secret Garden in Chongli.

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