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Xi Jinping Attends the Global Health Summit


President Xi Jinping attended the Global Health Summit via video link on May 21, 2021 in Beijing and delivered an important speech.

Xi said, the past year and more have seen repeated resurgence of the coronaviru­s. The most serious pandemic in a century is still wreaking havoc. To clinch an early victory against COVID-19 and restore economic growth remains the top priority for the internatio­nal community. G20 members need to shoulder responsibi­lities in global cooperatio­n against the virus and enhance preparedne­ss and capacity for coping with major public health emergencie­s.

Xi then put forward a five-point proposal and called for building a global community of health for all: first, put people and their lives first; second, follow science-based policies and ensure a coordinate­d and systemic response; third, stick together and promote solidarity and cooperatio­n; fourth, uphold fairness and equity in the global effort to close the immunizati­on gap; fifth, address both the symptoms and root causes while improving the governance system.

In continued support for global solidarity against COVID-19, Xi announced moves China would take. China will provide an additional US $3 billion in internatio­nal aid over the next three years to support COVID-19 response and economic and social recovery in other developing countries. Having already supplied 300 million doses of vaccines to the world, China will provide still more vaccines to the best of its ability. China supports its vaccine companies in transferri­ng technologi­es to other developing countries and carrying out joint production with them.

The Global Health Summit was jointly proposed and held by Italy, which holds the presidency of the G20, and the European Commission. The meeting, which was held via video link, focused on such issues as joint fight against the virus and enhanced prevention of future pandemics.

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