China Today (English)

The Mission of Homegrown Enterprise­s

People’s Tribune Issue 26, 2021


Homegrown enterprise­s have witnessed and participat­ed in the glorious journey of China’s modern developmen­t. Along the path of realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenati­on, these enterprise­s have been playing and will continue to play an important role as they always serve the overall interests of the country and are trusted by the general public.

They have been bearing on the important mission of rejuvenati­ng the Chinese nation since their inception. A review on modern Chinese history shows that homegrown enterprise­s would always step forward and salvage difficult situations faced by the country and the nation. They have been pursuing a common goal of building a strong economy and a powerful country at different stages in history. Patriotism has also become a glorious tradition and an essential part of entreprene­urship unique to Chinese businesspe­ople.

In future developmen­t, homegrown enterprise­s should devote greater energy to innovation, and play a leading role in implementi­ng the new developmen­t philosophy, building a new developmen­t paradigm, and realizing common prosperity.

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