China Today (English)

The Strategy for Responding to Public Health Emergencie­s

Outlook Weekly Issue 39, 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic sounded an alarm to humanity, reminding them to reflect on the way of responding to public health emergencie­s.

In China, it has been proven effective to include public health emergency response into broad social governance, an approach long advocated by health experts.

In fighting the virus, China has institutio­nalized a cross-department joint response mechanism. Compared with its response to SARS outbreak back in 2003, China becomes better at mobilizing resources from various sectors to make sure every infected patient has access to medical care they need. Public health was made an important part of social governance.

China also ensured equal progress in patient treatment and scientific study. People’s literacy in public health science has been greatly improved. Science and technology played a big role in fighting the virus. It enabled China to identify the pathogen and develop effective vaccines in a fast manner.

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