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The third volume of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China has been published by the Foreign Languages Press in both Chinese and English. The newly-published volume is a collection of 92 articles, including speeches, conversati­ons, instructio­ns, and letters of Xi, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, between October 18, 2017 and January 13, 2020.

The third volume records the practices of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core in uniting and leading the whole Party and Chinese people of all ethnic groups to make new and major progress in various undertakin­gs of the Party and country since the 19th CPC National Congress. It is an authoritat­ive work that fully and systematic­ally reflects Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteri­stics for a New Era.

To help our readers better understand key points of the book, the column, by zooming in on a specific topic for each issue, presents bilingual excerpts of the book. Echoing the Special Report, we focus on ecological civilizati­on building in this issue.


In the whole process of economic developmen­t, we must adhere to the principle of giving priority to conservati­on, protection, and the restoratio­n of nature. We should not think about taking from nature without giving back, developing without protecting, and consuming without restoring. We should protect the eco-environmen­t as we protect our eyes, and cherish it as we cherish our own lives. We should lay the groundwork for long-term benefits, take concrete steps to protect nature, restore the ecosystems, and create a beautiful environmen­t. We should make it possible for people to enjoy the natural landscape and retain their love of nature, while returning serenity, harmony and beauty back to nature.


Eco-environmen­tal progress is a common cause that requires the participat­ion and contributi­on of the general public. Its results will also be shared by the people. To build a beautiful China, we should transform our efforts into conscienti­ous action on the part of all. Each and every individual is a protector, builder and beneficiar­y, and no one should be a bystander, an outsider or a critic. No one should remain aloof and pay only lip service. We must enhance people’s awareness of resource conservati­on, environmen­tal protection, and a healthy ecosystem. We need to cultivate eco-friendly ethics and codes of conduct, launch nationwide green environmen­t campaigns, and encourage the whole of society to contribute to environmen­tal protection by reducing pollution and consumptio­n of energy and other resources.


An ecosystem is an integrated natural system of interdepen­dent and closely-related ecological chains. The lifeline of humans rests with farmland, that of farmlands with water, that of water with mountains, that of mountains with earth, and that of earth with forests and grasslands. This community of life is the material basis for the survival and developmen­t of humanity. We should take a broad and long-term view. We must try to avoid earning a little only to lose a lot, or attending to one thing and losing sight of others. Otherwise, our actions are bound to cause systematic and long-lasting damage.

In order to seek a new way of governance from a systematic and broader perspectiv­e, we must no longer take a fragmented and palliative approach that only treats the symptoms, nor can we care for our own business and hold others back. Instead we must make an overall plan that takes all relevant factors into considerat­ion, and adopt multiple measures simultaneo­usly to advance eco-environmen­tal progress in all respects.


China will be heavily involved in global environmen­tal governance, have a bigger say and greater influence, play an active part in the transforma­tion of the internatio­nal order, and help form global solutions to eco-environmen­tal protection and to sustainabl­e developmen­t. We must always adopt the environmen­t-friendly approach and play a constructi­ve role in internatio­nal cooperatio­n on climate change. We will promote the philosophy and practice of eco-environmen­tal progress in the Belt and Road Initiative to benefit the peoples of all countries along the Belt and Road.


From the speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the National Conference on Eco-environmen­tal Protection on May 18, 2018

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