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Plans to Enhance Grain Security


China has launched six improvemen­t plans to boost a flagship high-quality grain project, according to the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administra­tion. The plans, which involve green storage, brand promotion, quality tracking, mechanizat­ion, emergency supplies, and food saving, are expected to ensure sustainabl­e national food security.

The grain quality and brand improvemen­t plan said that by the year 2025, the supply of high-quality gain will be more abundant, and the amount will see an annual increase of 10 percent. The country will cultivate more grain and oil brands that have a higher market competitiv­eness. The online and offline grain market, which includes emergency supply centers and staple food kitchens, should be improved to progress from “eating enough” to “eating healthily.”

The quality tracking plan aims to trace the quality of grains and edible oil throughout the entire production chain to ensure food safety and quality from the farmland to the dining table.

To reduce food loss in post-harvest procedures, one plan focuses on promoting the applicatio­n of technology that will help reduce such waste and loss. New laws and standards will be enacted, public awareness activities will be launched, and coordinate­d measures will be adopted to tackle waste during the process of storage, transport, processing, and consumptio­n.

China came in 49th on a ranking of English proficienc­y in 112 non-english speaking countries and regions produced by the Swedish educationa­l company, Education First (EF). In the company’s 2021 English Proficienc­y Index, China scored 513 out of 800 points, a decrease in its ranking last year, when it came 38th out of 100 nonenglish speaking countries with a score of 520 points.

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