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Silk Road Arts Exhibition Kicks off in Xi’an


A total of 120 intangible cultural heritage works and contempora­ry paintings and sculptures from 14 countries went on display as the

Silk Road Internatio­nal Arts Exhibition kicked off in Xi’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, on December 1.

As a significan­t part of the Seventh Silk Road Internatio­nal Arts Festival, the exhibition showcased shadow puppets and dough figurines from China, hand-painted ceramics from Turkey, Mosaic art from Jordan, egg carvings from Kuwait, and traditiona­l Khon masks from Thailand.

The Seventh Silk Road Internatio­nal Arts Festival was held from December 1 to 6, 2021. The festival consisted of over 40 events, including opening and closing ceremonies, shows, exhibition­s, and forums.

The Silk Road Internatio­nal Arts Festival, launched in 2014, is the first internatio­nal arts festival on the theme of the Silk Road in China.

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