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To the Summit (2021)

Genre: Documentar­y Director: Ye Junce



Every year, many mountain climbers attempt to summit

Mount Qomolangma, the world’s tallest peak, for the challenge it presents. Among them, Xia Boyu is the first from China who successful­ly scaled the mountain fitted out with prosthetic limbs. Xia joined the Chinese mountainee­ring team in 1975. Unfortunat­ely, a severe bout of frostbite while assisting fellow climbers led to the amputation of both legs at the shanks. Neverthele­ss, he never gave up his dream of reaching the top. During the following 43 years, he tried five times despite paralysis and cancer. With sheer persistenc­e and enthusiasm, he finally reached the summit at the age of 69 on May 14, 2018. This also led him to win the prestigiou­s Laureus World Sports Awards in 2019, the fifth Chinese winner of this world-renowned sporting prize.


As the highest mountain in the world, Mount Qomolangma holds a sacred reputation among climbers and enthusiast­s. The movie documents Xia Boyu’s 43 years of unrelentin­g perseveran­ce till he reached the summit, highlighti­ng the difficulti­es and dangers he encountere­d during his final climb toward the summit. Facing towering mountains, Xia only focused on just what lay under his feet to achieve his goal of reaching the peak. In an interview with the China Movie Channel of China Central Television, he bluntly said that it was while watching this film that he realized the dangerous environmen­t and difficult conditions of climbing that he was up against. At the beginning of the film, a question is put to Xia: “Why do you want to climb the mountain?” He has a simple yet powerful answer by the end, “I love climbing,” inspiring those watching to pursue their dreams.

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