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Water Boys (2021)

Genres: Comedy, Sport Director: Song Haolin



This movie is an adaption of Waterboys, a Japanese film directed by Shinobu Yaguchi in 2001. Zhang Wei is the protagonis­t, an average-looking high school student with average grades. He is considered a mediocre student by his mother and teachers. Facing mounting pressure from life, he gradually loses his confidence in everything. By accident, he is appointed the captain of the school’s male artistic swimming team. With the burden of the trust of his teammates thrust on his shoulders, Zhang gradually raises his confidence and comes up with an idea and zeal for winning at the sport. With rekindled enthusiasm for life, the young boys decide to meet the challenge together.


At the Tokyo Olympic Games, the artistic swimming competitio­n attracted an excited audience. However, only female athletes participat­ed in this internatio­nal competitio­n. The story of this film focuses on five teenage boys trying to compete in this sport. All five actors underwent two months of rigorous profession­al training to be able to perform with proficienc­y and agility. At the end of the film, the well-choregraph­ed and meticulous­ly practiced routines emphasize the grace of the athletes in the water. The film highlights the story of contempora­ry youth, focusing on the brave attempts of ordinary people, with the message that anyone can be heroic, without fear of outcomes.

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