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Key Areas Outlined to Promote Consumptio­n in 2022


China’s domestic consumptio­n gradually recovered throughout 2021, with retail sales of consumer goods totaling RMB 44.1 trillion and the final consumptio­n spending contributi­ng 65.4 percent to its economic growth.

Consumptio­n has once again become the primary driver of China’s economic growth. Going forward, the Ministry of Commerce will focus on the following areas:

Traditiona­l consumptio­n will be further upgraded. Reforms will be deepened in the automobile industry to facilitate trade in second-hand cars and new energy vehicles. Meanwhile, there will be more subsidies for trading in old home appliances for new ones.

New types of consumptio­n will be boosted. China will promote the developmen­t of smart, customized, and fashionabl­e consumptio­n. It will also make better use of platforms such as import expos to bring home more quality consumer goods. Meanwhile, a simple low-carbon lifestyle will be promoted.

In terms of urban consumptio­n, it will accelerate the building of internatio­nal consumer centers, smart business districts, and pedestrian-friendly streets among others.

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