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China’s Services Outsourcin­g Industry Reports Rapid Growth in 2021


China’s services outsourcin­g industry saw a robust expansion in 2021, with offshore services outsourcin­g contract value exceeding RMB 1 trillion for the first time, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed.

In terms of scale, Chinese firms inked services outsourcin­g contracts worth about RMB 2.13 trillion in 2021, rising 25.4 percent year on year.

Specifical­ly, services outsourcin­g with countries along the Belt and Road witnessed steady growth, with contracts valued at RMB 226.1 billion last year, a year-on-year increase of 25.7 percent.

Informatio­n technology outsourcin­g, business process outsourcin­g, and knowledge process outsourcin­g saw their executed contract value up to RMB 363.1 billion, 130.8 billion, and 366.1 billion respective­ly.

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