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Public Transporta­tion

A coach to the Danxia Mountain park is available at the Shaoguan bus station at the exit of the Shaoguan High-speed Railway station. The whole trip takes about 90 minutes.

Free buses are also available in the Danxia Mountain park.


The entrance fee to the scenic area is 100 yuan per person, while children and the elderly are entitled to discount tickets. Tickets can be purchased at each scenic area entrance. The ticket does not cover the cable and waterway tours, which need additional payment. Tickets are valid for 48 hours.


Accommodat­ion can be booked online, and there are hotels inside and outside the scenic area. It is also convenient to stay in a homestay place.

Routes to the Sun Viewing Pavilion

There are generally two routes to the Sun Viewing Pavilion. The first is longer but more comfortabl­e: first take the cable to Baozhu Peak, and then hike to Sun Viewing Pavilion. The second route is shorter, but not easy to walk as travelers have to pass the Red Ladder. It generally takes 25 to 50 minutes to reach the Pavilion, depending on the pace.

Water Route

In addition to hiking, visitors can also choose to view scenes on small yachts or bamboo rafts along the river, as some attraction­s will be viewed more clearly from the boat.

 ?? ?? Jinshi Rock Temple on Danxia Mountain.
Jinshi Rock Temple on Danxia Mountain.

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