China Today (English)

Major Tasks for 2022


Achieving stable macroecono­mic performanc­e and keeping major economic indicators within the appropriat­e range

Keeping the operations of market entities stable and maintainin­g job security by strengthen­ing macro policies

Steadfastl­y deepening reform to strengthen market vitality and internal momentum for developmen­t

Further implementi­ng the innovation-driven developmen­t strategy and strengthen­ing the foundation of the real economy

Expanding domestic demand and promoting coordinate­d regional developmen­t and new urbanizati­on

Boosting agricultur­al production and promoting all-round rural revitaliza­tion

Pursuing higher-standard opening-up and promoting stable growth of foreign trade and investment

Continuing to improve the environmen­t and promoting green and low-carbon developmen­t

Ensuring and improving people’s wellbeing and promoting better and new ways of conducting social governance

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