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The Press Sector Remains Robust


All-china Journalist­s Associatio­n recently published the latest Developmen­t of China’s News Media Report.

As of December 31, 2021, China had 3,208 Internet news informatio­n service providers, providing 12,625 licensed service items, including 1,846 Internet sites, 2,910 applicatio­ns, and 7,671 public accounts, the report says.

Despite the fact that the circulatio­n of printed newspapers continues to shrink, convergenc­e has boosted their revenues. A total of 1,810 types of newspapers were published in China in 2020, a decrease of 2.22 percent from the previous year; the total newspaper circulatio­n was 28,914 million, down 8.96 percent; revenue reached RMB 53,945 million, down 6.36 percent, and the total profits reached RMB 5,043 million, an increase of 32.12 percent.

In 2020, China produced 8,210,400 hours of radio programs and 3,282,400 hours of TV programs. Online audiovisua­l content increased by 220 million hours in length. The average time Internet users spend watching online videos was about 100 minutes per person per day and listening to online audio content was 20 minutes per person per day.

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