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Art Competitio­n Boosts China, Hungary Youth Exchanges


The award ceremony of the “One Step” Chinese-hungarian Drawing Competitio­n was held onine and offline simultaneo­usly in central China’s Hubei and Henan provinces, and Hungary’s Gyor-moson-sopron County on June 8.

The event, which attracted nearly 100 participan­ts including students, teachers, and government representa­tives, was jointly hosted by the respective local government­s.

It was aimed at deepening the friendship between China and Hungary through friendly exchanges between teenagers, according to the organizing committee in Hubei.

From March to May 2022, students from middle schools in China’s Hubei and Henan provinces and Gyormoson-sopron County of Hungary, submitted more than 120 creative works themed on bilateral friendship, inventions of the two countries, and environmen­tal protection.

Huang Shihui from Xianning Xiangcheng Middle School in Hubei Province won the first prize for her painting China in the Rubik’s Cube . Her work features a huge Rubik’s cube occupying a tableau, with things that embody Chinese history and contempora­ry developmen­t, such as a compass, traditiona­l Chinese medicine book, the Great Wall, FAST telescope, and Shenzhou spaceship, painted in each square of the cube.

“The Rubik’s cube was invented in Hungary. I want to introduce China to Hungarian friends through their familiar invention,” Huang said, adding that she hopes her painting can help deepen the friendship between the two peoples.

Fanni Kotrics-szabo also won the first prize. Speaking at the award ceremony in Gyormoson-sopron, she said she likes Chinese culture, so she decided to take part in this competitio­n. “I’m so proud of my work and I will continue to create more paintings,” she said.

Hubei and Gyor-moson-sopron became sister provinces in 2014, and various bilateral exchanges and cooperatio­n initiative­s, including student exchange programs, have been carried out between the two.

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