China Today (English)

Anita (2021)

Genres: Drama, Biography Director: Lok Man Leung


The 1980s and 1990s were a heyday for the music and film industry in Hong Kong. Those were the days when Cantonese pop music, movies, and TV shows blossomed and led the trend of Chinese songs and dramas in Asia. Anita Mui was the queen of Hong Kong’s music and film industry. Her romantic life was forever fixed at the age of 40. The biographic­al film looks back at Mui’s legendary life and her extraordin­ary classic artworks.

Through her changes in costume styles, the film displays the process of Mui’s growth, which embodies a pioneering icon with unique period elements, while alludes to her earlier scarred life. Known as “the daughter of Hong Kong,” Mui came from a grassroots background and grew up to become an immortal legend. Her distinguis­hed stage charisma had also played an influentia­l role in the society, which was also a reflection of Hong Kong’s urban culture. Besides, the film also shows the changes in the streetscap­e of Hong Kong, a hub where the Eastern culture meets the West.

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