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Central Government to Provide Subsidies to Farmers


The Chinese government has pledged to earmark a lump sum of RMB 10 billion this year to directly subsidize grain farmers, trying to support summer harvest and autumn sowing, mitigate the impact of rising prices for agricultur­al supplies related to grain production, and encourage farmers to grow grain.

It is made clear that the recipients of the subsidies are actual grain growers who bear the cost of rising agricultur­al supplies’ prices, which include farmers growing grain with self-owned contracted land, family farms, farmers’ cooperativ­es, agricultur­al enterprise­s, and other new agricultur­al business entities growing grain on transferre­d arable land, including organizati­ons that provide socialized services for grain cultivatio­n and harvest.

Besides ensuring that subsidy funds reach those that need them most, the government also requires that the subsidy standard be determined by each region and should be unified within each county in principle.

The Ministry of Finance urged local government­s to make full use of modern technologi­es to timely and fully distribute subsidy funds.

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