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7 What small shrub of the rhodo­den­dron fam­ily is prized for its brightly coloured flow­ers? (6)

8 Which desert is the world’s largest? (6)

10 What was Tai­wan for­merly known as? (7)

11 Now known mainly for trucks, which US ve­hi­cle com­pany was founded in 1914 by two broth­ers? (5)

12 What is the world’s most eaten crop? (4)

13 Which coun­try is over 4000km long, but av­er­ages only 180km in width? (5)

17 From a mu­si­cal, the song lyric “How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” is about which char­ac­ter? (5)

18 The Bren gun was orig­i­nally made in which Czech Re­pub­lic town? (4)

22 Cir­rho­sis af­fects which body or­gan? (5)

23 A 19th Cen­tury French trapeze artist lent his name to which tight gar­ment? (7)

24/25 Who played Louise in TV’s Hearts and Bones and Mia in Cut­ting It? (6,6) 1 What is a short cer­e­mo­nial flour­ish played on brass in­stru­ments? (7)

2 Which Lon­don club was founded in 1831 for ac­tors, painters and writ­ers? (7)

3 The juice of what fruit has long been used as in­vis­i­ble ink? (5)

4 Who did Sir Ian McKel­lan play in The Lord of the Rings films? (7)

5 What small stor­age con­tainer holds tea? (5) 6 Which pop­u­lar brand of cig­a­rette con­tain­ing Turk­ish to­bacco was launched in 1913? (5) 9 Where in the US is the Coun­try Mu­sic Hall of Fame? (9)

14 Which fa­mous de­part­ment store claims they had the world’s first es­ca­la­tor? (7)

15 Where in Florida is Sea World? (7)

16 Erich Weiss be­came which ma­gi­cian and es­cape artist? (Harry ____) (7)

19 What tool with a rec­tan­gu­lar blade smoothes con­crete? (5)

20 As dogs are ca­nine, what are birds? (5) 21 Which pop­u­lar cos­metic drug is pre­pared from bo­tulin? (5)

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