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7 Which Rolf Har­ris song topped the charts in 1969? (3,6,4) 8 What is a snail usu­ally served with a sauce of but­ter and gar­lic? (8) 9 What dry hard bis­cuit is eaten by ba­bies? (4) 10 What is an alve­o­lus more com­monly called? (3,3) 12 What is the most com­mon se­ri­ous food al­lergy? (6) 14 What is the ba­sic mone­tary unit of Ro­ma­nia? (3) 15 In a street of which town was a cow­boy “wrapped up in white linen, all wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay”? (6) 17 What was the job ti­tle of some­one who copied out doc­u­ments by hand? (6) 19 What la­teen-rigged ship is used in the Ara­bian re­gion? (4) 21 What word orig­i­nally meant “a fe­male spin­ner”? (8) 23 For four straight years in the 1930s, who was the top-gross­ing box of­fice star in the US? (7,6)


1 What is the fyl­fot cross more com­monly known as? (8) 2 What tri­an­gu­lar-shaped nails are used by a glazier? (6) 3 What is a fully adult male deer? (4) 4 Two echidna and which other an­i­mal are the only mam­mals that lay eggs? (8) 5 What was once the name for the area now oc­cu­pied by Por­tu­gal and Spain? (6) 6 From what on pota­toes do shoots grow? (4) 11 What is a cov­ered, colon­naded, pas­sage round an open court in a monastery, col­lege or cathe­dral? (8) 13 What car­ried thing is a gamp? (8) 16 Who is El­iz­a­beth II’s third son? (6) 18 What might a cur­ricu­lum vi­tae be called? (6) 20 What is a ditch used to di­vide land with­out in­ter­rupt­ing the view? (2-2) 22 Which Greek let­ter also de­scribes an ex­tremely small amount? (4)

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