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7 What line on a map con­nects places of equal at­mo­spheric pres­sure? (6)

8 In Ge­om­e­try, what is a line that in­ter­sects a curve? (6)

10 “Bad air” is a lit­eral trans­la­tion of which dis­ease, orig­i­nally thought to be caused by mi­asma? (7)

11 What yel­low-flow­ered bush of the pea fam­ily has leaves in the form of spines? (5)

12 Which ma­jor canal was closed from 1967 to 1975? (4) 13 What earth­en­ware beer mug is of Ger­man design? (5) 17 Which Buddy Holly song be­gins “All of my love, All of my kissin’”? (2,3)

18 Where is the Capi­to­line Hill? (4)

22/23 Vodka and cof­fee liqueur are the in­gre­di­ents of which cock­tail? (5,7)

24 In sig­nal flags, what colour de­notes the letter Q? (6) 25 Which Wind in the Wil­lows char­ac­ter “sim­ply hates So­ci­ety”? (6)


1 What was the Thai lan­guage for­merly called? (7) 2 What is the Angli­cised word for girl or young woman in Ire­land? (7)

3 Which coun­try has the cap­i­tal Kin­shasa? (5) 4 Want­ing books to sell for the same price as a pack of cig­a­rettes, Allen Lane founded which book pub­lish­ers? (7)

5 Which Pa­cific island is rich in phos­phate rock de­posits? (5)

6 What is made in the Besse­mer process? (5)

9 Who sang the theme song from the film From Rus­sia

with Love? (4,5)

14 Who wrote the play The Cherry Or­chard? (7)

15 What are plant leaves col­lec­tively? (7)

16 Who was Derek Fowlds’ char­ac­ter in TV’s Yes,

Min­is­ter? (7)

19 What full-length, sleeve­less outer gar­ment is worn by Arabs? (5)

20 What word can be pre­ceded by sea, bald and le­gal? (5) 21 In the Bi­ble, who is the son of Abra­ham and Sarah? (5)

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