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1 What is an Amer­i­can slang word for a de­tec­tive? (7) 4 What hot, fluid ma­te­rial lies be­low the Earth’s crust? (5) 7 What metal is used to shield X-rays? (4)

8 Dur­ing WWII, who ruled Nor­way on be­half of the Ger­man oc­cu­py­ing forces? (8)

10 In which Bond film does the char­ac­ter Od­djob ap­pear? (10)

12 In which coun­try was the first or­gan­ised car race? (6) 13 A sial­a­gogue is a drug that stim­u­lates the se­cre­tion of what? (6)

15 Which beach is Rio de Janeiro’s most fa­mous? (10) 18 18th-cen­tury French writer François-Marie Arouet wrote un­der what pseu­do­nym? (8)

19 By 1920, which make of car ac­counted for eighty per­cent of sales in Italy? (4)

20 What is a pub­lic per­for­mance fea­tur­ing cow­boy skills? (5)

21 “Top­per” Headon re­placed Terry Chimes in the rock group The Clash as what? (7)


1 What sys­tem of labour camps in the Soviet Union ex­isted from 1930 to 1955? (5)

2 Who had a hit in 1978 with “You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth”? (4,4)

3 As dogs are ca­nine, what are horses? (6)

4 As Min­is­ter of De­fence, who over­saw Is­rael’s vic­tory in the 1967 Six Day War? (5,5)

5 What is the pat­tern of lines mark­ing the start­ing places on a mo­tor-rac­ing track called? (4)

6 Let­ters and sym­bols re­place num­bers in which branch of math­e­mat­ics? (7)

9 What Span­ish word mean­ing “devo­tee of bull­fight­ing” now has a more gen­eral use? (10)

11 What metal is as strong as steel but 45% lighter? (8) 12 What is a bridge car­ry­ing one road or rail­way over an­other? (7)

14 Which city is Europe’s high­est cap­i­tal city? (6) 16 What is a thes­pian? (5)

17 Which cruel 15th-cen­tury prince had the nick­name “the Im­paler”? (4)

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