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6 Which adopted French word means “sub­tle dif­fer­ence in mean­ing”? (6)

7 What tiny dots make up the pic­ture on a tele­vi­sion or com­puter screen? (6)

10 What type of loud­speaker is de­signed to re­pro­duce high fre­quen­cies? (7)

11 Which British-born poet’s first names were Wys­tan Hugh? (5)

12 In In­dian mu­sic, what tra­di­tional melodic pat­tern is a frame­work for im­pro­vi­sa­tion? (4)

13 Which Span­ish har­bour did Sir Fran­cis Drake storm in 1587, wreak­ing havoc? (5)

16 Which Aus­tralian an­i­mal is mis­tak­enly called a bear? (5)

17 Gabrielle Chanel adopted what first name? (4)

20 The towns of Coun­cil and Moscow are in which US state? (5)

21 What dish con­sists of small squares of pasta con­tain­ing a savoury mix­ture? (7)

22 Which na­tional park is South Africa’s largest? (6)

23 What blood­suck­ing African fly trans­mits sleep­ing sick­ness? (6)


1 Who opened the first Body Shop in 1976? (5,7)

2 Which de­signer-jew­eller cre­ated fab­u­lous Easter eggs for Euro­pean roy­alty? (7)

3 Whose Antarc­tic ex­pe­di­tion led to his death there in 1912? (5)

4 Who is queen of the fairies in Shake­speare’s com­edy A Mid­sum­mer’s Night Dream? (7)

5 In which English city is Head­in­g­ley cricket ground? (5)

8 What competitiv­e swim­ming can be per­formed solo, in duets or teams? (12)

9 Which West In­dian crick­eter broke the world record with an in­di­vid­ual in­nings of 501 runs in 1994? (5,4)

14 Where in New Jersey was Frank Si­na­tra born? (7)

15 Screen star Mary Pick­ford was born in which Cana­dian city in 1893? (7)

18 What word mean­ing “bro­ken” or “done for” was adapted from a Ger­man word? (5)

19 What mild Russian beer is fer­mented from rye flour or bread? (5)

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