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1 If you are a col­lec­tor of Clarice Cliff, what do you col­lect? (7) 4 What Latin Amer­i­can dance is per­formed by sev­eral peo­ple in sin­gle file? (5) 7 What are length­wise threads on a loom? (4) 8 What is the cap­i­tal of Liberia? (8) 10 In 1982, who made the first tele­vised 147 break in snooker? (5,5) 12 Which in­ven­tor (Thomas ____) took out more than a thou­sand patents in his life­time? (6) 13 What is the last word of “Rule Britannia”? (6) 15 The Misfits in 1961 was the last film star­ring Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe and which other ac­tor? (5,5) 18 Na­tive to Cen­tral and South Amer­ica, a taman­dua is what type of an­i­mal? (8) 19 What cloth is spread over a cof­fin? (4) 20 What is an in­for­mal word for “a very long time”? (5) 21 What dis­ease is also known as lock­jaw? (7)


1 Which chess pieces are most nu­mer­ous? (5) 2 What bright yel­low pow­der is used for flavour­ing in Asian cook­ery? (7) 3 In early Eng­land, what was a small land­holder be­tween gen­try and labour­ers? (6) 4 What branch of medicine is con­cerned with dis­eases and ab­nor­mal­i­ties of the heart? (10)5 A star that sud­denly bright­ens then grad­u­ally fades is called what? (4) 6 Which film, 1984’s Best Pic­ture Os­car win­ner, was filmed in Prague? (7) 9 Where was Louis Arm­strong born? (3,7) 11 Which woman was mar­ried on 29 April 1945, and died the fol­low­ing day? (3,5) 12 What is the widen­ing chan­nel of a river where salt­wa­ter mixes with fresh­wa­ter? (7) 14 In her­aldry, what is the colour sil­ver? (6) 16 Mil­lions of records from which US im­mi­gra­tion en­try is­land are ac­ces­si­ble on the in­ter­net? (5) 17 Which English col­lege was founded by Henry VI in 1440? (4)

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