If you’re af­ter a par­tic­u­lar car to re­store, then you have no choice than to buy what­ever comes up. This Anglia is a clas­sic case — it’s a gen­uine Courier van, and one of only a hand­ful left. How­ever, it’s also had an at­tempt at mod­i­fy­ing it, but the only true op­tion with this car is to re­store it as it’s so rare.Yes, it’ll be hard to re­place that front sheet metal, but that’s the easy bit com­pared to the ul­tra-rare back half of the car. Plus, the rest of the miss­ing parts are stored in­side wait­ing to be re­fit­ted. This is a clas­sic case of re­store it rather than cus­tomise it.

Hav­ing said all this, you could sub­tly mod­ify the car in such away that it can be re­turned to stan­dard — and the Anglia is an ex­cel­lent can­di­date for bolt-on good­ies. Kits are now avail­able to do the same for early Corti­nas, Es­corts of course, and to an ex­tent, the Con­sul, Ze­phyr, Zo­diac range, too.

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