Roll your rally car and you’ve got a prob­lem if you need to reshell it quickly. Now Mo­tor­sportTools has new, off-the-shelf Group 4 Mk2 Es­cort shells.

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New Es­cort Group 4 shells Roll your rally car and you’ve got a prob­lem if you need to reshell it. Not any more as Mo­tor­sport Tools has new Group 4 Mk2 Es­cort shells.

Per­haps the most fa­mous role of the Mk2 Es­cort was ral­ly­ing and the car’s in­volve­ment in his dis­ci­pline is still mas­sive. From its hum­ble be­gin­nings, the car’s mo­tor­sport de­vel­op­ment pro­gressed into the Group 4-spec rally car. And it’s now de­vel­oped even fur­ther into what’s known as Mod­ern and Ul­ti­mate-spec Group 4, al­low­ing it to cope with the very lat­est events.

Filled full of roll cage and al­tered im­mensely to cope with not just Tar­mac but gravel stages that de­mand a higher ride height, the Group 4 shell was and still is the work of many spe­cial­ist shell-builders. And the prob­lem is, many have their own spec, and the qual­ity can vary im­mensely. There are good home­built cars and there are in­cred­i­bly de­tailed Pro-built works of art. The prob­lems start though when the car’s dam­aged — and let’s face it, they do get dam­aged. Yes, they’re built to take it but not many can have failed to wit­ness the hor­ren­dous, multi-roll an­ni­hi­la­tion that can oc­cur with in­tense ral­ly­ing that’s of­ten dis­played on so­cial me­dia. Nasty, but thanks to the Group 4 shell’s de­vel­op­ment, the oc­cu­pants are more than of­ten able to walk away.

The trou­ble is, af­ter such an oc­cur­rence, you now have a shell that’s smashed to bits. If you want to get back onto the stages, then you’ve got a pretty long wait be­cause a Group 4 shell isn’t some­thing a fab­ri­ca­tor will com­plete in a day. On top of that you have to find a suit­able shell from which to work, which th­ese days can be hard work un­less you pay big bucks, or spend a life­time weld­ing up a teabag!

Mo­tor­sport Tools — run by Car­wyn El­lis — is well-known for be­ing rally car-ori­en­tated in a very big way. We’ve fea­tured sev­eral of their fin­ished cars for which they pro­duce an im­mense cat­a­logue of parts to help you turn your Es­cort — and other clas­sic Fords for that mat­ter — into a mo­tor­sport­com­pat­i­ble car.

The con­cept that Car­wyn’s now come up with is to pro­duce off-the-shelf (OTS) Group 4 rally car shells based around the Mk2 Es­cort. The idea is pretty ob­vi­ous — if you want a ready-built shell that’s been dry-fit­ted so you know it’s vir­tu­ally ready to go, and ready-painted so that all you have to do is slot in your com­po­nents (or in­deed buy the ma­jor­ity of them from Mo­tor­sport Tools), then they have them on the shelf.

At this early stage, Car­wyn in­tends to have a stock of cars in three colours — red, white and blue — but if you want one to spe­cial or­der, that can be catered for, and the range is in­tended to be ex­panded to cover not just Group 4 but other ar­eas of mo­tor­sport. Ob­vi­ously, we need to know a bit more about this con­cept so we in­vited Car­wyn to guide us through Mo­tor­sport Tools’ in­ten­tions and ex­plain how it all works.


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