Top 5 Resto Mods

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1. In­duc­tion sys­tems

The ad­van­tages of fuel and ig­ni­tion man­age­ment are there for all to see — drive­abil­ity, re­li­a­bil­ity, ad­justa­bil­ity — but while for many the sight and sound of a pair of DCOE-style throt­tle bod­ies is a joy to be­hold, for many more a tra­di­tional un­der­bon­net look — de­void of in­jec­tors, ex­tra wiring and throt­tle po­si­tion sen­sors — is prefer­able. We’ve al­ready seen moves to pro­vide the best of both worlds for the clas­sic mar­ket, with the DCOi throt­tle body look­ing ex­actly like a tra­di­tional DCOE sid­e­draught car­bu­ret­tor though with an in­jec­tor and wiring hid­den in­side or We­b­con’s Retro­ject in­spired by the clas­sic down­draught DGV carb (left), but there’s more to come, and it’s be­ing lead by cun­ning en­thu­si­asts — Fitz Pin­nock’s RS2000 fea­tures a pair of IDF-style down­draught throt­tle bod­ies hid­den un­der the in­fa­mous Group One airbox, and no-one is any the wiser.

2. En­gine trans­plants

Fit­ting en­gines from more mod­ern Fords has al­lowed the av­er­age clas­sic Ford to keep up with the com­pe­ti­tion and quite of­ten over­take it, too. Ford did it back in the day, and we’re con­tin­u­ing that trend, with Cosworth YBs and BOAs, Zetecs and Du­ratecs in­cred­i­bly pop­u­lar swaps in re­cent years, bring­ing ef­fi­cient, multi-valve de­sign to a dis­tinctly old-school chas­sis. And with Ford’s cur­rent crop of EcoBoost en­gines of­fer­ing in­cred­i­ble per­for­mance from small ca­pac­i­ties (the ST ver­sion of the 1.6 EcoBoost pro­duces 160 bhp as stan­dard), the fu­ture’s look­ing bright.

3. Mod­u­lar sus­pen­sion

Al­ready hugely pop­u­lar in the States within the mus­cle car and hot rod scenes, the idea be­hind mod­u­lar front sus­pen­sion kits is to re­place the en­tire front sus­pen­sion on your clas­sic with a much-im­proved, of­te­nad­justable set-up that in most cases im­proves the ge­om­e­try for finer han­dling. While off-the-shelf kits for clas­sic Fords aren’t avail­able quite yet, WRC-style mod­u­lar set-ups for com­pe­ti­tion Es­corts are, and com­plete rear axle set-ups are al­ready the or­der of the day.

4. Com­pos­ites

Com­bin­ing mod­ern com­pos­ites with tra­di­tional steel and chrome shouldn’t work, but it does. Lighter and of­ten stronger, the rise of ma­te­ri­als such as Kevlar and car­bon fi­bre in the au­to­mo­tive world has been well-doc­u­mented — and as a knock-on ef­fect, rais­ing the pro­file of once-de­rided fi­bre­glass at the same time. From bumpers, to in­te­rior door pan­els, dash­boards to body pan­els in­clud­ing roof skins, used with de­lib­er­ate thought, com­pos­ite pan­els are a valu­able ad­di­tion to the clas­sic Ford mod­i­fy­ing canon.

5. Elec­tron­ics

While ECUs com­bined with fuel-in­jec­tion or ig­ni­tion man­age­ment (see page 76) are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar, we’ve only just be­gun to scratch the sur­face of their ca­pa­bil­i­ties — even the most ba­sic of af­ter­mar­ket ECUs can of­fer launch con­trol and dat­a­log­ging, and many can also con­trol the cool­ing fans or pro­vide a sep­a­rate start ad­vance for crank­ing on high-com­pres­sion en­gines. It doesn’t have to be about per­for­mance ei­ther — elec­tric pow­er­steer­ing kits have been pop­u­lar fit­ment for some time, trans­form­ing the driv­abil­ity of a clas­sic Ford. It’s all there for the tak­ing, and the beauty of most of it is, it can all be hid­den out of sight.

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