Classic Ford - - MK2 ESCORT -

Sam’s wheels are a mod­ern twist on the clas­sic RS four-spoke, con­tin­u­ing the orig­i­nal RS2000 aes­thetic but al­low­ing for broader rub­ber and more space in­side for big­ger brakes. Made by Im­age Wheels, these are high-qual­ity three-piece bil­let items which can be or­dered with a con­vex, flat or con­cave pro­file – the flat ones give the most au­then­tic look, par­tic­u­larly in smaller sizes (they can be built in any­thing from 5x12 inch to 14.5x17 inch), but in Sam’s sizes the con­cave fin­ish makes more sense, given the huge amount of dish his 9x16 inch wheels are show­ing. Be­ing pre­mium items, these rims ain’t cheap — in this size, you’re look­ing at £396 per wheel; in an OEM 6x13 inch size they’re £231 apiece — but you do get what you pay for. And in Sam’s case, the huge girth re­ally fills out the X-Pack arches nicely!

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