Sills don’t usu­ally rust that bad, so if they’re rot­ten it’s a good in­di­ca­tor that the Granada’s har­bour­ing se­ri­ous cor­ro­sion.The most likely place for sill rot is near where the rear sub­frame is at­tached. Se­ri­ous rust is most likely in the bulk­head and ad­ja­cent chas­sis rails, while also check the lower rear quar­ters, rear wheel tubs and arches, spare wheel well, wings, in­ner wings, A-posts and around the base of the wind­screen of sun­roof-equipped mod­els, as this is where the drain chan­nels are. Good sec­ond-hand bon­nets are scarce — cost­ing up­wards of £250 — as are Ghia X bumpers.

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