Re­plac­ing rot­ten win­dow chan­nels and fit­ting rear lamps.

Pas­sen­ger door in­ner bracket, rusty win­dow chan­nels and new lamps.

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Amonth of small steps to com­ple­ment the larger whole is how I re­gard cur­rent progress. The L548 rear lamps bit back with their fa­tigued back­ings, so I asked Holden if they’d sup­ply just the back­ings with bulb hold­ers. They obliged and to my de­light (and that of PWOR mem­bers who fol­low) their up­graded back­ing is an en­gi­neer­ing de­light. Ma­chined on their premises from solid alu­minium bil­let, they are ‘gurt lush’.

The other hur­dle over­come was mak­ing the al­loy ‘L’ sec­tions for the pas­sen­ger door frame. This proved so easy com­pared to the driver’s side. The next steps are mak­ing new win­dow chan­nels, TIG weld­ing the al­loy frame and fit­ting the door glass. There’s also sober­ing news re­gard­ing the cylin­der head.

Hid­den ball bear­ing

10 While siz­ing up the fit of the win­dow win­der rollers in the chan­nel, I no­ticed the rollers weren’t rolling. While prod­ding, I re­alised the shiny bit is a spring loaded ball bear­ing. Could it be greased?

Soften and flush

11 Al­though the rollers had been cleaned in a parts washer pre­vi­ously, I used a screw­driver to de­press the ball bear­ing and flushed it through with pen­e­trat­ing fluid. I re­peated the process three times, at five minute in­ter­vals.

A beau­ti­ful base

12 In is­sue 214 I men­tioned the fa­tigued lamp back­ing. Holden Vin­tage and Clas­sic ( have agreed to sell their su­perb new and su­pe­rior bil­let back­ings for the L548 lamp. They also sell com­plete lamp units, lenses and chrome rims for the same.

Gas­ket fit

13 The new gas­ket bought a while back was fit­ted first. It’s a tight fit, en­sur­ing a good seal be­tween the lamp and the body. The back­ing plate was fit­ted as seen in the main pic­ture, over­leaf.

New L469 lamp

14 I also took the plunge and bought a new num­ber plate/re­vers­ing lamp from Holden. Dif­fi­cult de­tails such as the curved plas­tic lenses and bulb hold­ers are far bet­ter than any re­furb units I’ve seen.

Split to fit

15 Un­like other L469 ap­pli­ca­tions, fit­ting to a Peer­less means split­ting the cover and the body. I re­fit­ted the cover glass seal on the edge of the cover, not in­side the cover as stan­dard.

New screws

16 Both cover screws were too short, so I or­dered new screws from Holden at the same time as an­other L548 back­plate. Al­though the other rear lamp was bet­ter, I pre­fer both to be new and of­fer con­sis­tent out­put.

Door frame seals

17 The sam­ple seal (317) sourced from proved per­fect, so enough was or­dered for both doors. It can’t be sim­ply slid into the frame, so a pinch and push method was used.

Cut to length

18 Hav­ing slowly worked my way around the frame, the con­tin­u­ous roll of seal was cut us­ing wire cut­ters. So now there is no metal in the new seals to rust and rot. Both are now ready for their new glass. It’s com­ing to­gether…

New Lu­cas L548 lamp back­ing is so good, it’s a shame to cover it up.

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