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Although we fit­ted a set of new wiper blades back in part one of Project MGB GT, the view through the wind­screen when it rained was rather like look­ing out of a bath­room win­dow. The blades didn’t seem to be press­ing down on the glass cor­rectly, so we sus­pected the arms had lost their ten­sion.


De­spite fit­ting a brand new pair of wipers six months ago, the rub­ber on one of the blade had split and when pulled came away with very lit­tle force. This just shows how some re­place­ment parts aren’t up to the job, as we’d not used the wipers very much since the blades were re­placed.


Fit­ting a pair of new wiper arms and blades solved the prob­lem and once the car had thor­oughly warmed up on the next long run, the demis­ter even pushed out a trickle of heat. So at last I can see clearly now, just as Johnny Nash once sang back in 1972, the year af­ter our ‘B rolled off the pro­duc­tion line at Abing­don.


Af­ter fit­ting the new wiper blades and arms, the next job was to check the drain was clear at the base of the MG’s phlegm cham­ber as a small amount of wa­ter was still leak­ing onto the front footwell mats. The bot­tom of the air­box was clear, as was the end of the rub­ber drain next to the gear­box.


To keep the MG’s plenum cham­ber clear of dried leaves and de­bris, a small piece of stain­less wire mesh was fit­ted un­der­neath the chrome grille be­fore it was re­fit­ted. As wa­ter was drain­ing out of the cham­ber when a hose was waved over it, the source of the leak is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

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