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1 If the coolant sys­tem con­tains lots of silt and cor­ro­sion, then it’s a good idea to ex­tract the ther­mo­stat and clean it and its hous­ing. Start by de­tach­ing any pipework that’s se­cured to it.

2 Undo the nuts or bolts that se­cure the ther­mo­stat hous­ing in po­si­tion. These may be dif­fi­cult to undo and in some cases, the studs or bolts could shear, so spray over them with pen­e­trat­ing fluid.

3 Once you can re­move or open up the ther­mo­stat hous­ing, you will be able to see the ther­mo­stat in­side. Ex­tract it and then clean in­side the hous­ing. When re­fit­ting the ther­mo­stat and hous­ing, fit a new gas­ket.

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