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1 Some cool­ing sys­tems have a non­pres­surised ex­pan­sion bot­tle, which draws coolant into the sys­tem when re­quired and also stores any ex­cess coolant when there’s too much. This bot­tle can get blocked with dirt, so it’s worth­while re­mov­ing and clean­ing in­side it.

2 De­tach any pipework at the ex­pan­sion bot­tle, then look for how it’s mounted in po­si­tion. There will prob­a­bly be one or two nuts or bolts to undo be­fore it can be lifted out of the en­gine bay.

3 With the ex­pan­sion bot­tle re­moved, fill it full of clean wa­ter, then try to clean in­side with a bot­tle brush. Any dirt in­side could block the pipe that’s con­nected to the coolant sys­tem.

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