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Well, I’m pleased to say the 924S has a fresh MoT, is back on the road and is cur­rently up for sale. Sadly, de­spite a lot of in­ter­est I haven’t had any nib­bles yet. Fingers crossed, as the car drives very nicely in­deed and is more com­fort­able than the 944. If I could af­ford to I’d keep it. But I can’t!

The front struts, which APS re­moved and re­con­di­tioned were ac­tu­ally in a very bad way. As I men­tioned in a pre­vi­ous di­ary, who­ever as­sem­bled the struts prior to me pur­chas­ing the car had omit­ted to re­fit the al­limpor­tant top spac­ers.

This re­sulted in the tops of the strut bod­ies smash­ing into the top bear­ings and also cut­ting grooves in the pis­ton rods. These spac­ers are ab­so­lutely cru­cial to the strut as­sem­bly – and safety. Un­for­tu­nately, the spac­ers haven’t been avail­able since 2002, so I couldn’t ob­tain any re­place­ments. Thank­fully, the 924 Own­ers’ Club came to my res­cue and one of its mem­bers sup­plied APS with a pair. An­thony, at APS, used the best of these as a pat­tern and ma­chined two new spac­ers for me. So be warned if you have a 924 or 944 and you are work­ing on the struts. Make sure that you don’t lose the spac­ers. The rea­son they don’t get re­placed is that I have a feel­ing they stick to the pis­ton rods and get thrown away with the old units by mis­take.

The 944 Turbo has been in reg­u­lar use and one of the trips I’ve re­cently un­der­taken was to visit a bodyshop that had been rec­om­mended to me. The rea­son for this visit is be­cause I’ve no­ticed that the off­side sill has be­come a bit ‘scabby’, plus there’s a mark on the near­side rear wing where it must have been struck with an er­rant shop­ping trol­ley.

For some rea­son, de­spite the bodyshell be­ing gal­va­nized, the sills on the 924/944 are prone to rust­ing. I must ad­mit that I’m more than a bit dis­ap­pointed to have dis­cov­ered this on my car, but it is what it is. How­ever, if you are plan­ning to buy a 924 or 944, even from a dealer, try and

as­cer­tain if the sills have been re­placed, or what con­di­tion they are in. I took this for granted and will soon be pay­ing the cost!

Other trips in the 944 Turbo have in­cluded a most en­joy­able Porsche Club GB, Re­gion 14 drive (and ex­cel­lent lunch) on Oc­to­ber 14. The atro­cious weather dur­ing the morn­ing re­sulted in a route change, but it cer­tainly didn’t dampen spir­its and the event was really well or­gan­ised and great fun. There was even an­other 944 tak­ing part, and a 924S. Mind you, but the heater in the 944 Turbo de­cided to de­fault to full heat, so we both roasted!

It was so hot in­side the car, which ex­plains why we were driv­ing in the pour­ing rain with the sun­roof and win­dows open. Any­way, de­spite be­ing a mo­bile sauna, the car drove beau­ti­fully and felt most com­posed on the wet and wind­ing roads. Quite comfy too. All I have to do now is find out why the heater de­vel­oped a prob­lem. Clas­sics, don’t you love ‘em!

I haven’t man­aged to do any sig­nif­i­cant work on the Davrian but did man­age to fit a tow­ing strap. I hope to get stuck in to the Davrian again soon. Talk­ing of get­ting stuck in, my son David and I are plan­ning to do some work to our lat­est pur­chase. It’s a Jeep Grand Chero­kee, which is go­ing to re­place the trusty Jeep Chero­kee. The rea­son for the change is due to the fact that the Chero­kee sim­ply doesn’t have enough space for all of David’s film equip­ment. But the Grand Chero­kee cer­tainly has. The one we’ve bought is bit of a beast too, see­ing that it’s pow­ered by a 4.7L V8. Thank­fully, said V8 is equipped with a su­perb Prins LPG sys­tem so the econ­omy is not ru­inous. It’s ex­cel­lent in fact – but more on this beast later.

Lin­ing up out­side Llan­goed Hall. Thank­fully, the rain had stopped by this time. These are some of the 22 cars that took part.

Dur­ing a cof­fee (and com­fort break) stop on the re­cent Porsche Club GB R14 run Llan­gorse Lake, I was able to park next to Elved Hughes’ very smart 944 S2.

Grand Chero­kee ...the Chero­kee’s big brother. Well, what can I say other than it’s rather grand! And very ca­pa­cious.

Amer­i­can mus­cle ...thank­fully it’s been con­verted to run on LPG! It will be in­ter­est­ing to see how eco­nom­i­cal 4.7 litres will be to run on gas.

I did find time to fit this tow­ing strap to the Davrian. Bit of a fid­dle, but I man­aged to fix it to a very thick sec­tion of GRP ... and use two large wash­ers ei­ther side.

The old 924S struts in bits. Thanks to the miss­ing spac­ers, the struts were well worn but were re­con­di­tioned and re­fit­ted.

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