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I read with in­ter­est your ar­ti­cle about CVT trans­mis­sion sys­tems (CM, Sept 2018), as in 1966 (just!) when I was six­teen my fa­ther bought me a scooter fit­ted with a sim­i­lar drive as the Daf Var­i­omatic. I don’t re­call the make, but do re­mem­ber it had a pull ca­ble start. I used it to go from Don­caster to Jersey via the Wey­mouth ferry to get a sum­mer job. It was not an un­event­ful trip!

The ma­chine failed to start af­ter a short stop half way dur­ing the jour­ney, but of course it would not push start. Any­way, I got to Wey­mouth even­tu­ally and the fol­low­ing day it was loaded on the ferry (by us­ing a crane and rope) and I drove from St He­lier quay to where I was stay­ing for the first night.

The fol­low­ing day I went back into town to look for a job. Not to be! The ma­chine broke down and would not start. I wheeled the heavy ma­chine all around St He­lier but no garage would touch it. And to top it all, I couldn’t get a job. Out­come? I ar­ranged to ship it back home and caught a plane to Gatwick and then the train home.

Three weeks later the ma­chine was re­turned to my house and my fa­ther took it straight back to the seller and got his money back and I bought a Lam­bretta. How­ever, al­though the two stroke en­gine was prob­lem­atic, I don’t re­mem­ber prob­lems with the CVT trans­mis­sion. Ste­wart Shack­le­ton

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