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Whilst fit­ting the man­i­fold studs I was think­ing how we all take our work­shop por­ta­ble bat­tery op­er­ated power tools for granted. The speed brace I was us­ing is over 50 years old and is part of a Bri­tool socket set that I had as an ap­pren­tice, that had con­sid­er­able use stud­ding up the crankcases of large air com­pres­sors where we had no power tools, and a speed brace was in­cluded in most socket sets. In those days the com­pany I worked for man­u­fac­tured its own studs with the base end thread ma­chined slightly larger than the nut end so the stud screwed tightly into the cast­ing, hence the need for stud driv­ers and a speed brace.

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