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1 Cor­ner weighting helps with weight dis­tri­bu­tion at the front and rear of a car. There’s a DIY method, which isn’t as ac­cu­rate as us­ing scales but has been ad­e­quate for many race teams. First, check the tyre pres­sures and make sure the car is on level ground. Look for a jacking point around the cen­tre of the front and rear un­der­side.

2 With the front or back of the car safely raised, mea­sure the ground clear­ance at the op­po­site cor­ners. Com­pare these two fig­ures to help de­ter­mine the car’s cor­ner weighting. If the sus­pen­sion ride height can be ad­justed (e.g. coil spring height or ad­justable trum­pets), the ground clear­ance can be al­tered to help move the weight dis­tri­bu­tion.

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