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- Alan Haddock

Just a short email to say how much I am enjoying Classics magazine. The June issue has been particular­ly interestin­g. This magazine is the best substitute for Triumph World, and I am glad you persuaded me to convert my original subscripti­on to this new magazine. I particular­ly appreciate the analytical way that you describe various tasks on cars that you carry out yourself. I know as a former motor engineer that to describe a job accurately so that people will understand is not an easy task, but you achieve it very well.

As a matter of interest, was the Ford Cortina Mk3 that has been featured over a number of months in a worse condition than you originally thought? Because the first report when you brought it down from Scotland did not seem too bad.

Great to hear from you Alan, and I am very glad you are enjoying the magazine. Thanks too for your very kind words. As for the Cortina, old cars are always worse than you think initially, aren't they? We knew of many of the bodywork issues, although the full extent of the rust in the spare wheel well was something of a surprise. The biggest problem was the repair by the boot hinge/rear parcel shelf, which was missed entirely on initial inspection because it was so hidden from view and unexpected, but which turned out to be the worst of all the repairs to complete.

The rust in the inner sills could not have been seen on inspection anyway, as it only became apparent when the carpets were removed. Ultimately, that was not too bad and not a major surprise, but it still added to the work. It was such a great car to be in though, that I don't begrudge it any of the work. I think with any car you hope for the best and expect the worst, and they usually end up falling somewhere in the middle. Often the exact balance does not become clear immediatel­y. The Panda, for example, was a lot worse than it should have been because of previous bodges and a very suspect MoT, but underneath it all was a great little car that I have kept and insured for the kids to drive too. As for the Reliant Regal that I have now started on, the jury is still out on that one! – Ed

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