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- John Willett

I thought you may be interested to know that the magazine reaches a big paper shop in Melbourne, Victoria where I saw on the front of it the picture of a beautifull­y restored Ford Consul Mk2, a car which brought back strong memories for me.

Going back to 1957, my father was English and my mother Australian. Dad only wanted an English car, but as a result of being very poor, we only had an old Essex (made by Hudson) with side curtains. When his mother passed away, dad had enough money to buy a new car. I was 17 then and very excited at the prospect. One of his mates suggested he buy a Mk2 Consul, just out in Australia. I was allowed to select the colour, which turned out to be blue and cream. We had to build a shed for it before we could have it. It was a very beautiful car to have, and we had lots of fun going places in it. It was great when I turned 18 and could drive it myself. Going to school socials and being able to pick up a girl in 'the car' was something very special.

In retrospect, as a four-cylinder car that could take five or six people, it proved to be a bit under-powered for Australia. The distances are much greater here than in England, and really more was expected of it than perhaps it was designed to do. My father drove it hard and it really didn't last very long without major work. In retrospect the six-cylinder Zephyr would have been a better prospect.

My history with cars was the Consul, an X-P Falcon (very good), then nothing for five years as I was overseas as a medical missionary in Africa. Then Jaguars (Mk9, Mk2, Mk5) all secondhand – they were good, but a lot of work to keep. Then back to an X-P (no money and married after missionary work). Now I have a very good 2002 Ford Falcon which I maintain myself.

It was a great pleasure to find Classics and the Consul. Well done to Adrian Abbott, owner of the Consul featured.

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