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My compliment­s to Terry Burgess for his realistic and factual article on the Morris Cowley in the August issue. As a Morris Cowley owner I am biased, but I genuinely believe that the Cowley, the accompanyi­ng Morris Oxford Series II/III and Morris Isis Series I/II as well as the associated half-ton Series III commercial van and pickup do not get the recognitio­n they deserve. The 1954 Morris model range was conservati­ve, straightfo­rward, reliable and comfortabl­e and deserve its place in motoring history. Let’s not forget:

Last model produced by the Morris design team at Cowley.

Maximum interior space for minimal external dimensions, seating six adults in comfort. First Morris range released by BMC.

First Morris range to incorporat­e the BMC B-series engine (and C-series engine in the Isis). Excellent handling with rack and pinion steering, torsion bar suspension and finned hydraulic dampers on all wheels.

The Oxford evolved into the iconic Indian car, the Hindustan Ambassador, and some 5 million of those were produced until 2014.

The only thing that Terry forgot to mention is that these cars are catered for in the 6/80 & MO Oxford and Cowley Club which has a small but dedicated membership, produces an excellent quarterly magazine and are regular exhibitors at the NEC Classic Motor Show. We also offer technical advice and some spares support to assist owners in keeping their 1948-1960 Morris and Wolseley cars on the road. For more informatio­n please visit

Thank you for featuring the Morris Cowley article in Classics Monthly. John Weir, Chairman of the 6/80 & MO Oxford and Cowley Club

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