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- Wally Draisy

As I explained in the Letters pages last issue, I have owned my MGB for more than 46 years – my car is a 1967 MGB Mk1 that was assembled in Australia. You asked about any stories, and I do have a couple which might be helpful to some of your readers, particular­ly those who do not have a lot of experience with the MGB.

This car is on its second engine. The original unit was replaced in 1984 after what I considered to be a major problem. Symptoms were extremely rough running and huge clouds of exhaust smoke, so I took the car to my local specialist and asked for a replacemen­t reconditio­ned engine. About a week later I picked up the car. A great engine had been supplied – it is still in the car going strong and has never had the head off. However, I found out some years ago that the problem which led me to believe my original motor was shot was actually caused by a blocked PCV valve. Fortunatel­y, when the same symptoms occurred again on my new engine, I was aware of the problem of faulty PCV valves so I stripped and cleaned mine, replaced the hose between the tappet cover and valve and fitted a new diaphragm – the problem was solved.

Recently, a minor problem with the cooling system occurred. Pressure was building up in the system and some green coolant was being sprayed around the engine compartmen­t. It turned out that the bottom radiator hose was the cause. This was not the original factory item, but a modified rubber version with a moulded spout for the heater hose connection.

It was old but not broken, however, at the bottom end where it connected to the radiator it had a kink in it that was restrictin­g the flow of the coolant.

I worked out that if the original factory arrangemen­t had been left in place, this would not have happened. I decided to return to original specificat­ion, and fortunatel­y for me I still had the short metal pipe with the 90° bend in it .This fits into a bottom radiator hose which is identical to the top one. The only other bit you need is a short piece of straight hose to connect the water pump to the top end of the metal pipe. That then solves the problem. I think there is a lesson to be learned from all of this – do not get too excited about doing mods to your car that change original parts or systems before having a good think about it and talking to MG people who know their stuff.

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